Stop Use Facebook to $200 USD, will you?

A father less so excited because her addiction to access Facebook. No less than reasonable and that her son still happy, he presented some money to his daughter’s escape networking site.

Paul Baier, the father, living in Boston. He gave money totaling in the range of USD 200 or USD 1.9 million children, Rachel, to stop using Facebook for some time.

To be seriously impressed, a letter contract was made ​​by the father of this child. At first, Rachel will receive USD 50. And the balance of $ 150 is given when Rachel had managed to not use Facebook for five months.

The father has access to your Facebook account Rachel that he was not tempted to use them during the contract period. Both sides were equally pleased.

“He wanted to earn money and also feel Facebook as a distraction and a waste of time. But he plans to re-use them later,” said Paul quoted from Cnet, Thursday (07/02/2013).

HDS Enterprise Storage External Claims ahold Indonesia

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) claim to leadership in the external disk storage market Indonesia during the third quarter of calendar year 2012.

According to the latest IDC’s Asia / Pacific Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker, HDS occupies the number one position in Indonesia with 58.8% market share in the enterprise external disk storage market.

“This achievement underscores the leadership of Hitachi Data Systems storage technology, our commitment to provide the best IT solutions to customers, as well as a strong support to our channel partner community,” said Terrance Maximus Tangit, Managing Director of Hitachi Data Systems Indonesia and ASEAN Emerging Markets.

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Office Mobile for iOS and Android Release 2013?

Microsoft Office 2013 MobileAlthough heavily rumored, Microsoft is still silent in the existence of Office Mobile. But the latest report says that the product is really ready to pitch next year.

The Verge claims, they got this news from a number of sources with knowledge of the plan.

And not just for the iPad and iPhone only, the application will also reportedly visited Android devices, such as quoted TheVerge, Thursday (08/11/2012). Continue reading “Office Mobile for iOS and Android Release 2013?”

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