Want to Buy a New Notebook? Follow Tips Here!

asusAs a student who is completing a thesis or young professionals who are required to have a high mobility , notebooks are easier to carry certainly be your ultimate choice to be able to complete the work wherever and whenever .

But many brand notebook with various advantages offered often confuse to determine which one is most suitable notebook . In addition to considering the specifications , functions and models , what else should be done ? The following tips may be taken into consideration .

The first tip , remember that determine the quality of the brand . Many argue that the Toshiba notebook durable . To test reliability , We have performed experiments. Once applied, the keyboard part and doused with water , ultrabook has a thinness of just 8.3 mm is shown to continue to operate without constraints . Obviously , this premium quality in accordance with the price offered by Toshiba . Continue reading “Want to Buy a New Notebook? Follow Tips Here!”

Samsung glance Firefox OS

Samsung rumored to glance at the operating system OS homemade Mozilla Firefox. South Korean electronics giant is looking to partner with Mozilla in the development of the smartphone OS. Reportedly, Samsung wants to combine the ability of Firefox with Tizen, a new OS made ​​by Samsung. Wonsuk Lee, Chief Secretary Samsung assess the partnership between the two parties is possible.

As quoted from AndroidAuthority, Sunday (01/12/2013), both HTML5-based OS so that applications written for one of them can be used by both. Both Tizen and Firefox yet soundless in the smartphone industry is dominated by Android devices and the iPhone. Samsung still has not released a single Tizen-based devices.

Reportedly this time, Tizen devices from Samsung being prepared for release next year. Tizen seems Android is expected to be a viable alternative.

Winamp Offered to Microsoft

Will be shut down shortly after it was announced , Microsoft reportedly shoved Winamp . If an agreement is formed , it is not impossible that the music player can continue to survive .

As is known , AOL plans to end the trip Winamp after 15 years of flying. Starting December 20, 2013 , the 1990 popular music player until the 2000s it was scheduled to be turned off .

However, shortly after the news was announced , AOL Winamp as the owner is reportedly wooing Microsoft wants to buy a license for the music player , including internet service inside the Shoutcast radio . Continue reading “Winamp Offered to Microsoft”

Using simple blast service to send messages to the entire world.

Simple-BlastEvery day everyone in the world to communicate between each other using a variety of media , either through phone , sms , internet messanging , web chat , video call and various other communication media , so that the communication data traffic is very congested and causing share of problems . one of which is the speed of sending messages from one medium to another medium , thus receiving the message can not be delivered directly . this can lead to misunderstandings between the contact with the person you are calling . of this came the idea to create a tool that can reduce data traffic congestion , especially for media communications . Continue reading “Using simple blast service to send messages to the entire world.”