Instagram writhing in China

InstagramInstagram name is still a hit, not least in China, where success is evidenced by the number of photos dipload to Sina Weibo.

Sina Weibo, or the many who call it a Twitter version of China, reportedly inundated by many as a hundred thousand images Instagram. This happened just a month after the lapse Instagram adds support to the microblogging service.

The report further states that users are enamored with Sina Weibo Instagram and register themselves, there are as many as 50,000, as reported by TheNextWeb, Tuesday (04/01/2012).

This figure is quite remarkable considering Kevin Systrom (founder Instagram) was not too excited at the Bamboo Curtain country.

Speaking in Beijing last November Disrupt, Systrom admitted he was interested to integrate with social media sites of China, but did not deign to set up offices there. He also said that he did not think too much about China.

But it seems it did not rule out the possibility of developing Instagram community there. And decision making applications up to keep it separate from the site seems to be the right decision. For as is known, China blocked the use of the giant networking site.

Ben Ten Games

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Angry Birds Expansion into China

Angry Birds in China
Angry Birds in China

Angry Birds increasingly spread its wings. The angry bird was ready to expand its expansion into China by opening a store Angry Birds starting next year. Rovio CEO, Peter Vesterbacka announced his plans at a conference in Beijing, China. This store will be presenting a variety of products Angry Birds. Rovio seems to really seriously take advantage of the popularity of the game in there, though she herself knew there was a lot of pirated products Angry Birds in the Bamboo Curtain country.

Angry Birds are so popular in China. This makes Angry Birds pirated merchandise flooded the country, even exported to various countries as well. Vesterbacka claims, Angry Birds is currently the most widely copied brand in China. Continue reading “Angry Birds Expansion into China”

Luna Update Plus New Map and Dragonian


Cute in the World BlueLand, this time Luna Plus Team Indonesia has a special surprise for you in filling out your long holiday.

Sure is a shame to miss you guys, because Team Luna Plus Indonesia will launch several folders update the latest updates and also Dragonian. For it be prepared for unpleasant surprises.

Luna Plus introduces a variety of innovative and exciting features that have never been found in MMORPG game ever. This game has more than 40 different job and hundreds of unique skills. The players are offered the options are endless. All this is designed to be more effective when playing solo or group.

Status and skills of each playable character can be set based on the choice pemaini so it can make the characters unique and different from the others. In Luna Plus there are three races to choose from namely Human, Elves and the Demon. Continue reading “Luna Update Plus New Map and Dragonian”