Samsung glance Firefox OS

Samsung rumored to glance at the operating system OS homemade Mozilla Firefox. South Korean electronics giant is looking to partner with Mozilla in the development of the smartphone OS. Reportedly, Samsung wants to combine the ability of Firefox with Tizen, a new OS made ​​by Samsung. Wonsuk Lee, Chief Secretary Samsung assess the partnership between the two parties is possible.

As quoted from AndroidAuthority, Sunday (01/12/2013), both HTML5-based OS so that applications written for one of them can be used by both. Both Tizen and Firefox yet soundless in the smartphone industry is dominated by Android devices and the iPhone. Samsung still has not released a single Tizen-based devices.

Reportedly this time, Tizen devices from Samsung being prepared for release next year. Tizen seems Android is expected to be a viable alternative.

Who Want? USD 100 Million for Samsung Flexible Display Ideas

Samsung does not know what to do with the screen rigidities. Ask for help, Samsung is also holding a contest to find the best idea development Youm called the screen.

“We invite the most innovative designers, the hardware engineers and entrepreneurs to develop new product ideas that can be applied to our flexible display technology is revolutionary,” said Samsung was quoted as saying on its website on Thursday (08/15/2013).

The Grand Prize winner will be rewarded with a Samsung prize worth USD 10,000 or USD 100 million. Followed on the next position First Prize and Second Prize of USD 5,000 USD 2,500.

Interested? Note the following important dates. Collecting business plan begins August 29 to October 6. The next 15 September is the deadline for the initial feasibility assessment feedback. Continue reading “Who Want? USD 100 Million for Samsung Flexible Display Ideas”

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