Winamp Offered to Microsoft

Will be shut down shortly after it was announced , Microsoft reportedly shoved Winamp . If an agreement is formed , it is not impossible that the music player can continue to survive .

As is known , AOL plans to end the trip Winamp after 15 years of flying. Starting December 20, 2013 , the 1990 popular music player until the 2000s it was scheduled to be turned off .

However, shortly after the news was announced , AOL Winamp as the owner is reportedly wooing Microsoft wants to buy a license for the music player , including internet service inside the Shoutcast radio . Continue reading “Winamp Offered to Microsoft”

Using simple blast service to send messages to the entire world.

Simple-BlastEvery day everyone in the world to communicate between each other using a variety of media , either through phone , sms , internet messanging , web chat , video call and various other communication media , so that the communication data traffic is very congested and causing share of problems . one of which is the speed of sending messages from one medium to another medium , thus receiving the message can not be delivered directly . this can lead to misunderstandings between the contact with the person you are calling . of this came the idea to create a tool that can reduce data traffic congestion , especially for media communications . Continue reading “Using simple blast service to send messages to the entire world.”

Utilizing software testing to know the loopholes of your company.

logo1As the leader of a good company , always puts anything that could make the company can develop well and fast . wide range of existing resources is always the added quality , good human resources , machines , and computers are always used to accelerate the company’s activities , any time is always updated . because if we do not always follow the development of technology , the longer we will be left behind , because productivity will decline , and we will miss much achievement with another company .

To speed up the running of the company , whether it’s the administration , production , marketing and others , required sophisticated technology and strict supervision , it relates to the quality of the products that we will sell in the market . if the quality of the production decline , consumers will soon be leaving the products we sell . therefore , need a good technology in the form of sophisticated hardware and software , which can analyze all the weaknesses that exist , so it can be resolved quickly and get a perfect result . thus , consumers will never turn away from the products we sell to them . Continue reading “Utilizing software testing to know the loopholes of your company.”

Choosing the best message archiving service.

message_archiveFor an internet marketer like us, we always keep things related to the customer . case , we refer to such documents , files , and of course email . because some of the things that we mentioned earlier is very important . because if we do not pay attention to it , would greatly disturb our communication with the customer . and in order to keep document or email can be maintained , we must use some of the services that can support all things related to data storage . flexible data storage is something we desperately need , because we could do with a good data storage and can be accessed at any time without any constraints .

Continue reading “Choosing the best message archiving service.”