Rakuten Pours Rp 10.5 trillion to Viber

rakutenRakuten , a giant of Japanese e-commerce site , has just signed a deal to buy the instant messaging app Viber worth Rp 10.5 trillion .

The acquisition is evidence that the more serious Rakuten enters the area of ​​digital content . Previously , the site has annexed other services such as Kobo , Wuaki.tv and Viki .

The whole purchase transaction between the Viber Rakuten is scheduled for completion in March 2014 . With this acquisition Rakuten also hopes to increase the number of their users . Continue reading “Rakuten Pours Rp 10.5 trillion to Viber”

How To Increase Your Sales With a Good Website?

Marketing a product or service online, is something we must do to meet the demands of today. Due to the use of online media as a tool to market our products or services that we offer, we can expand the sales area, and are not limited to a city, country or continent. So we will be lost if we do not immediately take advantage of this medium to increase sales, or to simply tell the world that we are here with something to offer them.

In order to accomplish that, we need a website that will showcase us to all parts of the world. The purpose of a website, is to introduce ourselves, products or services we sell, as well as other things that we want to convey to the world, so to seeing and reading the website, they can find out where we are and the products or services we offer to them.

It is possible for some people, that creating or designing a website is a very difficult thing to do. But we have the recourse to access help in creating a quality website that can be well-known and ranked high in the search engines, so that people will find us easily. In fact there are many companies that fit the bill for the best web design company in many cities, but we can also get into trouble when looking at too many companies offering website services; it can be overwhelming. Among these companies, some are good, and others not so good, in terms of services as well as website creation and after sales service. Continue reading “How To Increase Your Sales With a Good Website?”