Download free videos on your smartphone.

Currently, smartphone industry is growing very rapidly, almost every second a new technology appears on the smartphone, be it hardware or software related to the smartphone. software available already very numerous, ranging from general applications, to applications to play the video. one of the applications that may be of interest is the application to download. you can get it for free in the app store and in the store play. an extensive collection of videos that can be downloaded, so a lot of options for you.

Get Embedded Computer Devices Easily And Inexpensively

boardToday many electronic devices use embedded modules. Some electronic devices that use these are phones, air conditioning units, cars, and even airplanes. As the development of technology increases, all types of equipment are coupled with an embedded computer which can perform all activities automatically, and can work well all the time. So users will not need to make manual settings on a device that uses an embedded computer, because they are used to allow the user to have these things use the automatic control systems. Continue reading “Get Embedded Computer Devices Easily And Inexpensively”

Select and purchase data storage to suit your needs.

RS-9501As a computer network administrator, you have to really know the hardware used for computer networks, and that it can run according to plan, whether it is for a client or a server. Today many new hardware can be found, which can improve the performance of computer networks, such as network cards, and can provide enough data speed for a computer with very high performance for the purposes of data storage and large data storage needs. This requires very large storage space to accommodate up to several hundred terabytes of data.

With a size like that, we could use this for data storage at a university for example, perhaps a large hospital etc. A data storage center (free or paid) can be used for hosting services that can hold thousands or even millions of customer’s data, if the size of terabytes of storage space that we bundle up into a single unit can support one another.

For storage in a network, we should be able to choose a good storage area network that has high quality, so that it can minimize the clutter of data someday down the road. There are a lot of storage space options that we can use for this purpose, one of which is the storage of data in the model ISCSI storage.

iscsi storage-based storage networking is standard for linking data storage facilities, developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). iscsi is an acronym for Internet SCSI (Small Computer System Interface). Many companies, government agencies, universities, and other businesses are already using iscsi storage, this is because they want maximum service to customers, one of which is to provide traffic data quickly and accurately. Continue reading “Select and purchase data storage to suit your needs.”

Where to find Obsolete Electronic Parts ?

Obsolete Electronic PartsSome time ago, we made a robotic machine for a trial. Initially we found a lot of obstacles, one of the most distressing problems is the difficulty of finding parts of electronic devices. is a lot of online stores that sell a wide range of electronic devices, even many who sells electronic components, but most of them do not provide a complete component, so we had to find another place to another, because the components that we need is the component are rarely used for assembling electronic machines, so we finally found a site which provides all kinds of electronic components, we are very happy with them. Continue reading “Where to find Obsolete Electronic Parts ?”