The ‘Developer Elites’ Can BlackBerry Z10 Red

BlackBerry developers are well aware of the role of ecosystems in developing the BlackBerry platform 10. As a thank you, a Canadian vendor that was handing out special edition Z10 BlackBerry makers with the application.

BlackBerry Z10 red is given a special handset BlackBerry to BlackBerry developers on the sidelines Jam which took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“So here, the red,” said VP of Developer Relations BlackBerry Alec Saunders.

Red Z10 itself is called Saunders made ​​in a limited edition, only 12 thousand units. And only the so-called ‘elite developers’ BlackBerry can have this device. Continue reading “The ‘Developer Elites’ Can BlackBerry Z10 Red”

Developer can not wait to get it for free blackberry 10

Blackberry World 2012 EventBlackBerry World 2012 event attended by thousands of developers from around the world, including Indonesia. The developers of these applications can not wait to taste the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha prototype that will be distributed free of charge.

High interest to the developer’s latest OS platform mengoprek RIM is also felt by the developers and activists such as Ibn Maksum BlackBerry, Deddy Avianto, and Adiputra Faizal, who attended the event which took place in Orlando, Florida, United States, the.

“The new BlackBerry 10 distributed tomorrow. Free, just for developers only,” they said to ITGazine, Wednesday (02/05/2012).

They are curious about this new OS. Ibn especially impressed with the look of the BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 is. “The look is very cool,” he said.

“UI (user interface) was different. Integration easier. Development tools is also easy. Till tomorrow to sample it,” said Faizal.

BlackBerry smartphone prototype 10 is introduced directly by RIM CEO Thorsten Heins it was the middle so the talk of technology enthusiasts. Continue reading “Developer can not wait to get it for free blackberry 10”

Leading features of the Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 FeaturesResearch In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry 10 OS reveals low  in the event the BlackBerry World 2012. At this same event, the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, touchscreen RIM smartphone prototype is introduced. Although still being developed, a number of features already heralded this will be the flagship smartphone.

Full touch screen

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha seems to be prepared to match the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that puts the touch screen. RIM CEO accompany onstage BlackBerry World 2012, Head of Software Vivek Bhardwaj RIM’s portfolio demonstrating the ease of interacting on-screen BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 is a 4 inch. Yes, this full touch screen prototype. Not a touch screen in combination with a physical keyboard like the BlackBerry series ever.

“Everything flows. In one screen, you can open several pages, find the notification and navigate smoothly,” said Bhardwaj who appeared at the Orlando World Center Marriott, Florida, United States.

New notification feature allows users to access the notifications simply by swiping finger (swipe) to the side of the screen. In the demo on stage, Thorsten Heins showed swipe movement can display three applications in one screen page is piled neatly. Continue reading “Leading features of the Blackberry 10”

New BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Just Prototype

Blackberry 10 Dev AlphaA number of blogs and tech sites estimated BlackBerry 10 smartphones to be launched on the BlackBerry World 2012 event. Unfortunately, this prediction is not proven. No launch new smartphone in this event, but the BlackBerry smartphone prototype that was introduced 10 CEO Research In Motion, Thorsten Heins. Thorsten called BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10. It looks familiar, similar to the leaks that had circulated previously. Prototype is a touch screen smartphone, rectangular shape.

Thorsten emphasized that the BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 is not the final hardware. That is, the smartphone is still under development and is claimed to be presenting a different experience for BlackBerry users.

“It’s important for us to show this to the developers in a variety of the world, so they can start creating content and applications of interest to users,” said Heins, the BlackBerry World, Orlando, USA, Wednesday (05/02/2012).

To the developers who attend this event, RIM distributed freely BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 fishing enthusiasm for developers to create applications. Heins promised, when it launches later OS-based smartphone BlackBerry 10 will meet the needs of the users will be more productive. Did not say when the smartphone is finally released. The first smartphone based on BlackBerry OS 10 is touted to be landed before the end of this year.