Android & iPhone Users, Who’s More Royal?

Android and iPhone users generally have some differences . One of them online on internet -related spending . Yes , Android is okay to be the most dominant operating system with approximately 80 % market share according to IDC . However, although much less population , iPhone users in the United States seem to spend more money when shopping online .

” We have published a report that the Android user value is a quarter of iOS users , by selling virtual goods such as games , ” said Simon Khalaf , CEO of Flurry, which is a mobile advertising company .

” Data from IBM states that the ratio is almost equal in the matter of the sale of physical goods online , ” he added , as quoted by Business Insider , Wednesday ( 01/08/2014 ) . According to Simon , is essentially an iOS users tend to buy four times more than an Android user . ” The reason is probably because the Android device is intended as a replacement for feature phones only and should not be used like a smartphone , especially in the United States , ” said Simon .

BlackBerry strategy Dominance Against Apple & Samsung

John Chen , CEO of the BlackBerry , did not want to give up so easily see its market share continuously undermined by iOS and Android . A number of strategies were prepared to revive the company’s business slumped .

” I was challenged to be able to generate profit from the device . Therefore should be able to make the BlackBerry device favored by many people , ” Chen said in an interview that attended restricted on the sidelines of CES 2014 in Las Vegas , USA .

Admittedly , the condition of the BlackBerry company is not in good condition when he was asked to replace Thorsten Heins . When Chen was appointed as Interim CEO , the company was in a state of losing $ 2.6 billion in the last two quarters . Continue reading “BlackBerry strategy Dominance Against Apple & Samsung”

Android can run on Old KitKat HTC Mobile.

Android KitKatKitKat has indeed been officially swing , but so far the new Nexus 5 that could use the new Android OS is the factory default . So, what other brand phones output ? Such a question is often asked of the owners of mobile phone brands . But for the latest mobile phones , it was nothing to worry about . All definitely gets Android KitKat .

Well , now the real question , what about the older Android phones . Is can also upgrade to the KitKat ? If asked to or not , so the answer might be . It is trying to prove through a custom Android ROM that relies base KitKat .

Custom ROMs are not yet known who it was trying to fib crammed on HD2 , HTC old mobile phone output in 2009. Although it is quite old school to its current size , the HTC phones Android KitKat was able to run smoothly without any lag at all . Continue reading “Android can run on Old KitKat HTC Mobile.”

Former Apple boss Interested with BlackBerry Acquisition

John Sculley , former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is famous for ejecting , reportedly interested in acquiring the BlackBerry , in collaboration with several partners. He also adds to the long list of prospective buyers BlackBerry .

When confirmed , John simply replied diplomatically . ” I have long become a fan and BlackBerry users , ” he said .

So far , several parties reportedly interested in buying the BlackBerry . Who has given Bid is Fairfax Financial Holdings with a value of USD 4.7 billion . BlacBerry former CEO , Mike Lazaridis , also called a company interested in the former . Continue reading “Former Apple boss Interested with BlackBerry Acquisition”