How to choose screen capture for mac ?

screen capture for macAs you know , a lot of important events that occur when we operate the computer , I mean events are possible errors on the computer and display a warning so you have to do a screen capture to complete the data at the time you report the incident to the software maker concerned , at the moment as it may we trouble to take pictures directly , for that we need an application that is easier for us to do a screen capture . you can use one of the best applications to perform a screen capture for mac, do not use any application , because in addition to a very complicated procedure , the resulting image is not good , for it always use the best applications .

In addition to that , a screen capture is also very necessary at the time of the tutorial we will make a book , so we need parts of the image on your monitor running applications , if we are not using a special application that can do a screen capture, then we will be a lot of waste of time , in contrast to when we use a special application , of course we could save a lot of time . besides, we can save the results captured in various formats , such as jpg , png , and so forth . use good screen capture for mac . I hope this very brief information could be useful to you all .

Flappy Bird Not Really Dead

slip ringFlappy Bird was not really dead . The proof , it remains a popular game sticking to Windows 8 users . Although , the game was in the category of clones . Yes , carrying the name Flappy Bird HD , users of Windows 8 or Windows RT 8.1 , can keep knocking into the character of the bird to pass obstacles pipes . Only difference, the graphics displayed on a large screen maximized .

As quoted from Softpedia , Tuesday ( 18/02/2014 ) , Flappy Bird HD genuine possibility , although earlier the developer Dong Nguyen , officially pull out of iOS and Android applications . It may be that this is the last legacy Dong Nguyen , before he changed his mind to stop the support of the game .

Early last month , Dong Nguyen , developers Flappy Bird , said the game will be available soon on Windows Phone handsets . This plan was revealed from the Twitter posts while answering questions one of his followers . ” I estimate that about 10 days from now . Has been approved by Microsoft , “he said simply that time . And if true , it is true, you can also find it on slip ring.

Choose Workflow Management Application that is Good and Reliable.

workflow managemen softwareAs an owner of a well-known company in one of the largest cities in the world , we are always improving our performance in making the production of goods in our company , constantly improving the performance of employees , and all available resources in our company . any given period , we always made ​​additional resources , both human resources , machines , computers , security systems , computerized systems and other resources . all we do in order to improve the quality of the company’s products are sold throughout the world . we do not want our products to decrease quality because there are few resources we do not meet the eligibility requirement for the products we sell . Continue reading “Choose Workflow Management Application that is Good and Reliable.”

Jelly, ‘Google Mini’ Artificial Founder Twitter

Biz Stone , co-founder of Twitter , released a mobile application with a funny name and a unique , Jelly . This application is arguably the ‘Google Mini ‘ . Its function as a mobile search engine in smartphones or tablets .

As reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 01/08/2014 ) , when popular usage later , Jelly Stone hopes will change the way people search and find information .

“Everyone today mobile , everything is connected . So if you have a question , there are others out there who has the answer , ” said the man who left Twitter in June 2011.

Jelly , available free for iOS and Android based devices . Through this application , users can enter a question into their network of social media such as Twitter or Facebook . Continue reading “Jelly, ‘Google Mini’ Artificial Founder Twitter”