How to choose screen capture for mac ?

screen capture for macAs you know , a lot of important events that occur when we operate the computer , I mean events are possible errors on the computer and display a warning so you have to do a screen capture to complete the data at the time you report the incident to the software maker concerned , at the moment as it may we trouble to take pictures directly , for that we need an application that is easier for us to do a screen capture . you can use one of the best applications to perform a screen capture for mac, do not use any application , because in addition to a very complicated procedure , the resulting image is not good , for it always use the best applications .

In addition to that , a screen capture is also very necessary at the time of the tutorial we will make a book , so we need parts of the image on your monitor running applications , if we are not using a special application that can do a screen capture, then we will be a lot of waste of time , in contrast to when we use a special application , of course we could save a lot of time . besides, we can save the results captured in various formats , such as jpg , png , and so forth . use good screen capture for mac . I hope this very brief information could be useful to you all .

Flappy Bird Not Really Dead

slip ringFlappy Bird was not really dead . The proof , it remains a popular game sticking to Windows 8 users . Although , the game was in the category of clones . Yes , carrying the name Flappy Bird HD , users of Windows 8 or Windows RT 8.1 , can keep knocking into the character of the bird to pass obstacles pipes . Only difference, the graphics displayed on a large screen maximized .

As quoted from Softpedia , Tuesday ( 18/02/2014 ) , Flappy Bird HD genuine possibility , although earlier the developer Dong Nguyen , officially pull out of iOS and Android applications . It may be that this is the last legacy Dong Nguyen , before he changed his mind to stop the support of the game .

Early last month , Dong Nguyen , developers Flappy Bird , said the game will be available soon on Windows Phone handsets . This plan was revealed from the Twitter posts while answering questions one of his followers . ” I estimate that about 10 days from now . Has been approved by Microsoft , “he said simply that time . And if true , it is true, you can also find it on slip ring.

Choose Workflow Management Application that is Good and Reliable.

workflow managemen softwareAs an owner of a well-known company in one of the largest cities in the world , we are always improving our performance in making the production of goods in our company , constantly improving the performance of employees , and all available resources in our company . any given period , we always made ​​additional resources , both human resources , machines , computers , security systems , computerized systems and other resources . all we do in order to improve the quality of the company’s products are sold throughout the world . we do not want our products to decrease quality because there are few resources we do not meet the eligibility requirement for the products we sell . Continue reading “Choose Workflow Management Application that is Good and Reliable.”

13 Inch iPad Rumors

Rumors about Apple’s desire to extend the iPad line with the larger sizes began to smell sharp. Media sources in China, the United Daily News, reinforces this issue.

According to information, Apple is cooperating with its partners called Quanta Computer. Well, this is a strong suspicion that Quanta will supply some of the components in the iPad.

Quoted from Mac Rumors, Thursday (26/09/2013), the possibility of the new iPad will come with a 12 Inch screen size. Although the Wall Street Journal said the 13 Inch iPad to landscape display ‘giant’.

Just a note, this time Apple makes two types of iPad with different sizes. iPad has a conventional 9.7-inch size, while the iPad Mini has a 8.9-inch wide. With the presence of the 13-inch iPad, Apple certainly make fans get a lot of size options