Blackberry (BBM) Runs on Windows.

Not only Android and iOS that can run the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Windows devices also have the capability. This is evidenced directly by Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at the main stage BlackBerry BlackBerry Jam 2013.

In the demo showed, Alec fuel run applications that have been installed on a notebook. Has a display applications like BBM on BlackBerry 10 devices, the BlackBerry executives can perform activities such fuel in general. Ranging from chat to send pictures.

But make no mistake, unlike Android and iOS for a stand-alone, BBM application installed on Windows is apparently only works when its plugged his BlackBerry device on the notebook being used.

Even so, on the other hand BBM app for Windows is certainly able to provide convenience for users who are often busy in front of his notebook.

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There is a Bug, Gtalk So Wrong Send Message

Users messaging service Google Talk or Gtalk surprised. Because the number of messages sent, it is received by the wrong person. This is expressed by the number of complaints Gtalk users through Twitter and Google forums. Less the same complaint, sent the wrong message is received.

The problem seems to have started this morning, and the resulting contact one receiving communications should be sent to someone else. Some users also reported that Google Talk users out their contact list to receive the messages, so that quoted from The Verge, Thursday (26/09/2013).

There is no immediate explanation from Google. But it seems most of the disorders occur in Google Talk users who have not upgraded to the new service Google Hangouts. Google has not provided a detailed explanation of this problem. The company only said it will soon take action as soon as possible.

Apple Expands Data Center

Apple plans to buy the land area of ​​96 acres near Prineville, Oregon, USA. Based on information reported by local media The Oregonian, this land will be the expansion of Apple’s data center.

Previously, Apple already has a data center in the region. In addition, Apple began building a new facility in 2012. And plan the purchase of new land, Apple also seems to build more facilities in the near future. This means that Apple will build at least three facilities for data processing in Prineville. However, as quoted from the Mac Observer, Thursday (26/09/2013), there is no description of exactly when so executed land purchase.

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How to Repair our Hard drive and Restore all data?

data recoveryAs a computer user, of course we are very familiar with the importance of the data that we have saved to our computer or laptop. all the data is stored neatly in a medium storage is commonly called the hard drive. hard drive is a medium storage that can store a variety of files, both program files, and data files. Our data are the mean of data such as financial data, letters, agreements, presentations, or what we are familiar with the office document. Other files such as music files, videos, movies, pictures, etc., are also stored in a hard drive. all centered on a storage area, which is hard.

We can not imagine if there are problems on the hard drive where we store a lot of important data such as financial data, monthly reports, final lectures and so on. We will definitely dizzy thinking about it. but the facts are speaking, that at some point, the possibility of damage to the hard drive is a reality. There are so many cases of hard drive damage caused by many factors, such as falls, damaged by an electrical current that is not normal, hard disk damage caused by viruses, accidentally formatted, and many other cases that cause damage to a hard drive, and will make its owner a headache. with damage to a hard drive, then many of those who think that the data stored on the hard drive is lost, damaged, and can not be restored.

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