Pakistan Immediate Release YouTube

Almost a year has YouTube blocked in Pakistan service. But in the next few days, the Google-owned website plans to re-release.

Since the emergence of a number of videos deemed insulting Prophet Muhammad on YouTube, the Pakistani government directly block these sites. This is done as a form of protest against Google for not removing the video.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, Monday (08/26/2013), from the beginning of September this year Pakistan will re-release its citizens to access YouTube. But not completely free.

Authorities there have prepared a new technology to filter video content on the Internet, including on YouTube. So that pornography video or sensitive content will be directly driven by the technology.

Not mentioned in detail when YouTube started to be accessible in Pakistan. But the exemption is justified directly by the government spokesman, Ali Kamran, who is also the originator of the blocking of YouTube in Pakistan.

“Soon (open-ed) after we get a technical solution to block the video,” said Ali.

Is this Microsoft CEO Lieu Candidate?

Bill Gates immediately find a replacement for Steve Ballmer, after deciding to relinquish his post as CEO of Microsoft. Then, who is the most appropriate candidate?

Indeed, until now unknown who deserves to replace the man who for 13 years served as CEO of the software giant.

When Gates think of a name outside of Microsoft, one of the potential external candidates is Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. He had been a board of directors at Microsoft for five years, and is considered a success by Ballmer.

“Reed has been a great board member. Insight and experience really helped guide us through a critical period of transformation,” Ballmer said at the time, as quoted from The Verge, Monday (26/08/2013). Continue reading “Is this Microsoft CEO Lieu Candidate?”

Samsung S Cloud Challenge Google Drive and iCloud.

As is known both Google and Apple have each had a service ‘cloud’ itself that Google Drive and iCloud. Samsung did not want to miss. After all this time just a mere rumor, the South Korean manufacturer is finally starting to show bright spots.

Forum Nokia developer that will be held in October will be the time of birth is called the service ‘cloud’ which will be called the Samsung S Cloud.

Not much different like Google Drive and iCloud, Cloud S can also be used arable Samsung smartphone owners to store their personal data.

That way the owner of a Samsung device is expected not to worry again losing personal data, because the armed services S Cloud users will be able to easily synchronize their personal data to the cloud.

Another thing that is also said to be announced Samsung on the developer forum as quoted from Ubergizmo, Monday (26/08/2013), is the presence of Tizen operating system that has been long delayed following initial appearance-based Tizen smartphone.

How to change IP address ?

ip-addressFor a network administrator, IP term is a term that is no stranger to. because each will perform computer’s network settings, always associated with an IP number, or internet protocol. IP or Internet Protocol address is a combination of a few numbers as a reference to identify the address of a computer. any computer device name must have 1 IP, so it will be easy for other devices to connect to a computer. and each computer has a default ip which is usually obtained automatically from the server, if the computer is connected to a server. but if we want to change the ip address we can do so through several stages. Continue reading “How to change IP address ?”