Apple Expands Data Center

Apple plans to buy the land area of ​​96 acres near Prineville, Oregon, USA. Based on information reported by local media The Oregonian, this land will be the expansion of Apple’s data center.

Previously, Apple already has a data center in the region. In addition, Apple began building a new facility in 2012. And plan the purchase of new land, Apple also seems to build more facilities in the near future. This means that Apple will build at least three facilities for data processing in Prineville. However, as quoted from the Mac Observer, Thursday (26/09/2013), there is no description of exactly when so executed land purchase.

There are few problems that hinder the process of buying and selling land. Because the land is located outside the city limits of Prineville. The Oregonian reported, the city is already in the process of incorporating the land, so that could then be developed for industrial use. Continue reading “Apple Expands Data Center”

How to get a free conference call number?

conferrence call

For those of you who like to do the communication between the state, the following article may be useful to you. on several occasions, I and my colleagues always to communicate simultaneously, or more precisely referred to as teleconferencing, the problem here is the media to do it inadequate. there are a lot of shortcomings in the services they provide, such as poor sound quality, the limited number of members who can follow the teleconference, and many other things that we think are still lacking, so that the communication we do less than the maximum, in addition, costs that we spend quite expensive, so we are lazy to use it again.

However, recently we found a service that we can use to make international calls at the same time, the sound quality is very good, could invite a few colleagues to communicate together, and is free of charge, very nice is not it?

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How to Repair our Hard drive and Restore all data?

data recoveryAs a computer user, of course we are very familiar with the importance of the data that we have saved to our computer or laptop. all the data is stored neatly in a medium storage is commonly called the hard drive. hard drive is a medium storage that can store a variety of files, both program files, and data files. Our data are the mean of data such as financial data, letters, agreements, presentations, or what we are familiar with the office document. Other files such as music files, videos, movies, pictures, etc., are also stored in a hard drive. all centered on a storage area, which is hard.

We can not imagine if there are problems on the hard drive where we store a lot of important data such as financial data, monthly reports, final lectures and so on. We will definitely dizzy thinking about it. but the facts are speaking, that at some point, the possibility of damage to the hard drive is a reality. There are so many cases of hard drive damage caused by many factors, such as falls, damaged by an electrical current that is not normal, hard disk damage caused by viruses, accidentally formatted, and many other cases that cause damage to a hard drive, and will make its owner a headache. with damage to a hard drive, then many of those who think that the data stored on the hard drive is lost, damaged, and can not be restored.

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Pakistan Immediate Release YouTube

Almost a year has YouTube blocked in Pakistan service. But in the next few days, the Google-owned website plans to re-release.

Since the emergence of a number of videos deemed insulting Prophet Muhammad on YouTube, the Pakistani government directly block these sites. This is done as a form of protest against Google for not removing the video.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, Monday (08/26/2013), from the beginning of September this year Pakistan will re-release its citizens to access YouTube. But not completely free.

Authorities there have prepared a new technology to filter video content on the Internet, including on YouTube. So that pornography video or sensitive content will be directly driven by the technology.

Not mentioned in detail when YouTube started to be accessible in Pakistan. But the exemption is justified directly by the government spokesman, Ali Kamran, who is also the originator of the blocking of YouTube in Pakistan.

“Soon (open-ed) after we get a technical solution to block the video,” said Ali.