Android Watches, Can Email and Facebook

Sony Smartwatch
Sony Smartwatch

Not only inform a matter of time, following watches are also capable of connecting users with email and website. This was possible thanks to the Android operating system.

Sony is pembesut following watches are enchanting. Devices that use software from the giant Google is dubbed SmartWatch.

Not only can connect with email, users can also connect with the music, websites and other online content. And do not worry about looks ‘weird’ with these devices, because with a sleek design, it actually makes the user look cool.

On the mat technology grand CES, Sony said that Android watches it will already be available on the market in late March with a price range of USD 149. He will compete with similar watches from the Italian startup named ‘Watch’ m ‘is priced at a more expensive, which is USD 350. Continue reading “Android Watches, Can Email and Facebook”

How It Feels Hold State Twitter Account?

Sweden Twitter Account
Sweden Twitter Account

How does it feel to control the official account of a country? Sweden provide this experience to the citizens. No doubt, this account was dubbed the account most ‘democratic’ in the whole world.

Every week in turn, residents are given the opportunity to hold accounts in @ sweden addressed this. They are free ngetweet whatever they want, as part of a project called Curators of Sweden.

It is cultivated VisitSweden, Swedish Ministry of Tourism. No other goal is to boost the number of tourists in their country.

“No one is more ‘have’ Swedish brand than these people. With this initiative, we want to show ‘the Swedian’ them to the world,” said Thoman Bruhl, CEO VisitSweden, deperti reported by Mashable, Monday (16 / 1 / 2012). Continue reading “How It Feels Hold State Twitter Account?”

Contact Center Transformation Integrated Social Media

Media Centre
Media Centre

First, only a handful of people in companies who use email. Now all the people wearing them. The same thing happened with multimedia. The move from synchronous to asynchronous communication really has reached a critical mass through a lot of multimedia channels. Many people no longer use the phone, but the tweet or post to a blog.

Companies that operate contact centers have a special need to sort out and integrate tightly canals multi-media, choosing the right one and integrate it into their operations.

To develop the scope and performance of contact center and therefore offer ‘customer experience’ that is needed of course become the opportunities that the terrain is constantly changing.

From the standpoint Avaya – Avaya’s vision was to offer its customers based on Standard Architecture – such as SIP. SIP is an open standard protocols, and has become part of the e-IMS stack, offering support for multi-media IP.

By using SIP-based open architecture, Avaya has achieved tighter interoperability between people, systems and information so that the ‘Enabling Effective Collaboration and Contextual’.

Effective Collaboration and Contextual multimedia solutions achieved through Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC). AACC is a multimedia solutions and context sensitive voice, based conference to anticipate, and memercepat automate customer interactions.

He enabled the business to ‘redirect based on the context’ contacts, text-based entry in a manner such as voice calls directed manner. AACC forming solution ‘one box’ that includes not only the direction of incoming voice calls, but also the ability to integrate many of the canals into the contact center multimedia including video and outbound (out). Continue reading “Contact Center Transformation Integrated Social Media”

How important the emailing solution for us today?

Emailing Solutions
Emailing Solutions

In the world of communications, many communications media that can be used, among other media through your home phone, or cellular phone, by mail, by radio, chat, and others. but today, the most popular communication medium is email. email is electronic mail service, which until now could not be replaced. because many things can be done via email.

for example, a job seeker who wants to apply to the company, now almost entirely using email. Another example is, the bulk of a company announcement to their employees as well as through email. Why should you use email, do not use other communication media? because the emails have a lot of advantages, in addition to a very fast delivery time, we also can send hundreds, even thousands of emails in a very short time. so many large companies that use email as a medium of communication to employees, or their colleagues. Continue reading “How important the emailing solution for us today?”