How to improve slip ring quality

1.The detection of dynamic contact resistance
slip ringTo be bested for slip ring mounted on 360-degree turntable rotation detection by motor driven turntable, so that a continuous conductive slip ring rotation in the detection process, the dynamic contact resistance of each loop is a dynamic display whichever is the maximum and minimum, in order to ensure the stability of the loop conductive transfer, the loop of contact resistance variation of no more than 9m.

2.Insulation resistance testing:
To prevent the loop between the insulation resistance should be not less than 500M, MOFLON produced the electrical slip ring is a multi-channel precision positioning ring group ring, vacuum pressure casting epoxy formulation materials, precision machining, after heat curing made.

3.The slip ring life testing:
rotary slip ring is used in point-contact throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the brushes and ring groove wear life, MOFLON purchased Chinas first slip ring tester, according to the different use of the environment (high temperature, voltage, speed, frequency, data rate), can be test to life for electrical slip ring in different environments. Each batch of material produced will have a strict life test for 15pcs/5set sample in 21 days in advance, then make sure the production of wear life and quality . Continue reading “How to improve slip ring quality”

Washed Rp 570 Billion, Flipboard Ready to become a giant application

Starting from startup, Flipboard successfully raise up to $50 million or around Rp 570 billion. Various strategies and plans to make this application merakasa already prepared.

This news has been confirmed by Mike McCue, CEO and co-founder of Flipboard. The third round of funding in the making social news aggregator, which cost $ 800 million.

McCue said that Flipboard users now have grown by 60% from 80 million users, compared to 6 months ago when they released version 2.0. As quoted from the Wall Street Journal, Tuesday (09/24/2013), there are now 3.5 million magazine in this application. Continue reading “Washed Rp 570 Billion, Flipboard Ready to become a giant application”

Cortana, Apple Siri Competitor from Microsoft

Cortana, the name of the digital assistant that was developed by Microsoft to challenge Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Interestingly, Cortana was developed based on the character of the game.

Many who did not think that the leaked Windows Phone a few months ago there were application called zCortana. Front frills ‘z’ means that the application is in the testing period.

Cortana is now back sounding name, because this smart app will reportedly be embedded on Windows ‘blue’ is scheduled to launch early 2014.

Cortana name itself is actually one of the characters in the game Halo. In the game, this figure is a female figure drawn from artificial intelligence.

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Mainly for the young people, ASUS K45EI323VS-SL notebook

asusASUS K45EI323VS-SL notebook is mainly targeted at 16-30 year-old age young people. This notebook is with dark brown and gold, the dark brown keyboard and champagne palm rest, the top cover design is based on the suit fabric design inspiration, and it uses three-dimensional plaid design, which looks very elegant and dignified. Meanwhile the plating process “ASUS” LOGO is in the center of the top cover, which is simple and stylish.

ASUS K45EI323VS-SL notebook is equipped with Intel Core i5 3230M processor, Intel HM76 chipset, 4GB DDR3 high-speed memory, 500GB hard drive and a DVD burner, it uses 2GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 645M + Intel GMA HD 4000 dual graphics. It’s with a 14-inch LED screen and an integrated HD camera. The 14-inch LED screen is available on Continue reading “Mainly for the young people, ASUS K45EI323VS-SL notebook”