Cheap Home Security Camera

CCTV_imageafter_1_thumbCheap home security camerasĀ are a great way for home owners to protect their possessions without dealing with major security companies. Previously home security cameras were expensive and hard to come by, but with recent advances in camera technology home owners now have access to high quality, low price options in video surveillance.

Cheap home security camerasĀ have also become much smaller, allowing home owners to place them in discreet locations and monitor the safety of their property, possessions, family without bulky devices. Home security cameras are even available in wireless formats, reducing the clutter created by wires and the hassle of hanging and concealing them. Wireless technology also allows security cameras to monitor things such as cars, RVs, boats and more. Cheap home security cameras can even be routed to laptops so users can monitor the safety of their home on the go.

Home security cameras come in a variety of formats, depending on the needs of a home owner. Some popular types include bullet, dome, and c-mount cameras. Each type offers different benefits in resolution, field of view, and visual distance. Some cameras, especially c-mount, have a great variety of lenses that can increase distance, resolution or field of view, though often at the expense of one of the other benefits. Other options include black and white, color, and night-vision capabilities.

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