Flappy Bird Not Really Dead

slip ringFlappy Bird was not really dead . The proof , it remains a popular game sticking to Windows 8 users . Although , the game was in the category of clones . Yes , carrying the name Flappy Bird HD , users of Windows 8 or Windows RT 8.1 , can keep knocking into the character of the bird to pass obstacles pipes . Only difference, the graphics displayed on a large screen maximized .

As quoted from Softpedia , Tuesday ( 18/02/2014 ) , Flappy Bird HD genuine possibility , although earlier the developer Dong Nguyen , officially pull out of iOS and Android applications . It may be that this is the last legacy Dong Nguyen , before he changed his mind to stop the support of the game .

Early last month , Dong Nguyen , developers Flappy Bird , said the game will be available soon on Windows Phone handsets . This plan was revealed from the Twitter posts while answering questions one of his followers . ” I estimate that about 10 days from now . Has been approved by Microsoft , “he said simply that time . And if true , it is true, you can also find it on slip ring.

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