France bans word Facebook and Twitter

If you already sick of hearing the IT experts or the mass media are constantly talking about Facebook and Twitter, you’ll want to start taking French lessons. Once proficient, you can move to the country. Why so?

Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSL), an institution that makes the regulation of various electronic media in France has banned television and radio use the words Facebook and Twitter.

Both said it still may be used when in the body of the news, but if a television station intends to invite viewers to follow their account on Facebook, they should only be mentioned indirectly. For example “Please follow our social networking site.”

This rule itself refers to the law made ​​in 1992 and about the mention of the name of the product as part of the ad.

“Why give up the facility on, now its value has reached billions of U.S. dollars, while at the same time many other social networking sites are struggling to be recognized by the community,” said Christine Kelly, a spokesman for CSL, as quoted from Good Media, 9 June 2011.

Kelly said the measures such as Facebook or Twitter mention of the word it will bring the distortion in competition.

However, the French government move was considered absurd by some circles. The reason, the industry is clearly already emerged the winner and we would not want to accept the fact that, rather than avoid it.

Also, now people are not lay against the existence of Facebook and Twitter. Chances are, if there is someone who is connected to the Internet and want to be a fan of one French television station and follow up or Twitter account of his, they might have taken the initiative to do a search through other Internet giants, Google.

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