Good Range Of Vision For A Security Camera

belkin-netcam-wifi-security-camera-2I actually installed one of these bad boys (I guess it could be a bad girl also, depending on your perspective) near my front door. I initially just wanted to get an overall impression of how it worked. My experience was generally pretty positive. The security camera shows good detail to a range of about 25 feet or so. It can see beyond that, although it loses so clarity. You would not really be able to see the details of a face beyond this range. However, how far out do you really need to see, if the main goal is just to pick up who is at the front door, or who is coming up to the house? Personally, I was very satisfied at this level of performance.

I will also say that I think this CCTV camera probably is a much better option to use at ground level. For my next test, I installed this near a second floor window at several different angles. Of course, seeing the window was fine. However, who would put such a security camera on the second floor and then just simply aim it at the window? After all, if a criminal is desperate enough to try and get in through the second floor window, they will probably find a way to do it. But, then again, what kind of stupid criminal would bring a 20 foot ladder with them for this purpose? Or even try this method of entry, when they could do the same thing on the first floor?

Who knows? Anyway, I digress…

This security camera does have some nice features. The 40 degree viewing angle is decent. It is not the best that I have seen in this regard, but most certainly not the worst. Actually, a 40 degree range and viewing angle probably places the camera slightly above average.

The night vision feature is also very good. Personally, after having reviewed a number of these cameras, I now think that night vision of some type should really be a requirement. After all, if the cctv camera cannot take an accurate and viewable picture after dark, what good is it? Do you really think that a burglar will come in broad daylight and leave their calling card? I think not! This model has 36 infrared LED lights that provide the night vision ability. I had no trouble seeing anything even in the dead of darkest night. Actually, the viewable range was at least as good at night as it was during the day. I could see faces very clearly up to about 25 feet.

The night vision allows one to monitor an area 24 hours. The best part may be that it converts automatically. In other words, the security camera itself will sense when the light is low and automatically switch to its night vision setting. This is pretty cool, especially since I would forget to change the setting if it was only done manually. In fact, I would not even consider purchasing a camera which only had a manual switch vision option.

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