Google annexed Startup Unique Password Maker

slickloginGoogle re-acquired the small startup. But the company is annexed by the giants is different because it offers a unique password authentication.  SlickLogin, Israel-based startup is officially announced to be part of a large family Google last weekend, but as usual, no mention of how much money is issued by Google.

Quoted from Neowin, Monday (17/02/2014), SlickLogin offers password authentication with a simple yet secure, by using sound.  This authentication works both ways. That is, when the user opens the destination page, simply mendekatkankan phone into a laptop or tablet.  Through authentication will open with a smartphone took her distinctive voice, can not even be heard by the human ear. So, open the password was no longer need to enter a specific code.  There has been no comment from Google about the acquisition of action, including what will be used for later.

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