How to Send Google+ Invitations Without Actually Invitations


Google’s latest effort to become more social with Google + seems to be very memorable for early adopters ulasandan signified by various positive feedback on this service.

For those who have not received an invitation and wait to be invited, unfortunately Google + invitation suspended yesterday afternoon due to the booming demand. This seems to be a typical Google in creating, maintaining, and extending the furor after the launch of their products, because if there are companies who are very adept about scaling, ituadalah Google.

Even so, there are still ways to get invitations Google + without ‘actually invited’, ie via email.

When you share a post on Google + You must specify the recipient before posting distributed. You can select a particular circle of contacts you have or share the recipient’s email address that you want. By sharing your post via email, the recipient can see what you post on Google + and if they follow the link that says, “Learn more about Google +”, they will be taken to Google + to activate their profile.

Surely recipient must already have a Google account / Gmail if they want to try Google + Google Apps account does not seem to work with Google +. This method also does not seem to work when you share a post using the mobile display, so if you want to test this trick make sure you use the desktop interface.

According to Dave Besbris which is the engineering director of Google +, this method is not a backdoor facility but it is a feature of Google +. Besbris wrote about this yesterday on Google +.

We will write over another article about our opinion on the Google +. In the meantime, please try this if you want to get more friends on Google +.

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