Is this evidence iPad 3 Wearing Retina Display?

iPad 3 Rumors
iPad 3 Rumors

iPad 3 launch time said to have been close. According to reports with evidence, iPad 3 will almost certainly use Retina-tech screen and 8 megapixel camera.¬†MacRumors media claim they successfully get the authentic 3 iPad screen of Apple’s production chain. The screen size is the same as the iPad 2 is 9.7 inch.

After the components were investigated over the screen, stating MacRumors iPad 3 will use the technology Retina Display resolution is very high. Retina Display now only present in the iPhone and iPod Touch.

“Kala compare screen iPad 3 and iPad 2 under the microscope, the resolution difference becomes apparent, with iPad 3 pixels in size than a quarter seems iPad 2,” wrote MacRumors.

“IPad screen 3 should take full 2048×1536 resolution, twice the resolution of iPad 1 and iPad 2 is 1024×768. Such screens should be capable of displaying images are much sharper than the previous generation iPad,” they added.

Retina Display itself is touted as one of the best current display technology. Apple claims the screen is the sharpest retina due to very high pixel density.

MacRumors findings almost simultaneously with reports in Taiwan, where the casing is suspected iPad 3 appears. Camera lens appear larger and slightly different rear casing. This led to speculation iPad 3 using 8-megapixel camera and larger battery.

Apple iPad is predicted to introduce 3 in early March 2012. Similarly, as reported by TechRadar and quoted on Monday (2/20/2012).

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