Jakarta Still So the iPhone enthusiast Field

Apple iPhone 4s
Apple iPhone 4s

A total of 25 thousand units of the iPhone 4S XL Axiata prepared for the first batch. For Jakarta alone, XL optimistic could be the most absorbing land gadget Steve Jobs’s legacy.

It became the capital city with the largest smartphone market potential compared to other cities. Francky said Rinaldo Pakpahan as GM Sales Greater Jakarta, from 60% uptake of smartphones in Greater Jakarta, Jakarta annexed 40% of them. in addition, they also provide cash advance fast cash advance payday loans service, this service will certainly make you easier to get cash loans.

XL’s own commitments in the year 2012 in the smartphone market is able to attract 83 thousand customers, for which it will develop a 3G network for the convenience of users.

“We will develop a 3G with the strategy in a 1:1 mean there is a 3G network base stations,” said Francky at the Tower of Eagles, while the release of the iPhone 4S, Friday (01/26/2012).

When asked about the target XL subscribers with the presence of these iPhone 4S, Francky said that it targets a customer growth of 100% nationally.

Release of the iPhone 4S itself has been done since this morning in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan. XL fix the price of Rp 7.999 million for a capacity of 16 GB, then Rp 9.199 million (32 GB) and $ 10.399 million (64 GB).

One of the offerings made ​​XL is providing free access to data, telephone, SMS, and MMS for 12 months. Customers can use 3G data access HotRod + with speeds up to 3.6 Mbps.

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