Launching a brand with a competitively priced logo at 48hourslogo

logoI run a digital marketing agency called logogeekl in Cape Town and for some reason finding a graphic designer to design a logo is either impossible or highly expensive. To give you some perspective, you could get an entire website built for the same cost as what most designers here charge for a logo. Well, that was until 48hourslogo came into the picture. I must hat tip Charles Floate, a fellow editor here on 48hourslogo, for pointing me in this direction.

I’m not a designer at all! Ask me to run a marketing campaign or program something and it’ll happen, but with custom logo design it’s like trying to speak to a French person in English – doesn’t happen. So when I entered 48HourLogo for the first time I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was optimistic.

Clicking on the Post A Project button presented me with some difficult questions, I’m not too sure which logo styles I like nor do I know how to write a great brief for a logo. It’s at this point that I thought to myself: Well, I’m here to get someone to design something because I can’t, these folks could surely read my brief and come up with something, afterall, they’re the experts. That’s exactly what happened!

I filled out the form, chose my payment options and selected the features I wanted associated with my campaign. It was only a matter of hours until I had a few submissions which were already impressing me. Over the course of the week I worked with a few of the designers who had submitted logo ideas and by the time I came to the end of the week, the problem wasn’t the worry about getting a good logo based on my brief, it was selecting 1 of the 10 excellent logos that had been provided! A rather nice problem to have in comparison to the adverse.

The entire process cost me about $130 if I’m not mistaken, which is about 10 times cheaper than it would have cost had I used a local designer on a consulting basis and potentially 50 times cheaper than if I had hired an agency, Furthermore, I’m not sure that doing it locally would have given me something equal to what I received on the 48HourLogo site.

So, if you’re like me and you can’t design, and your latest project doesn’t have a large budget then 48HourLogo is an incredibly good place to pop into and have a poke around. I’m thrilled with the logo that I chose and my research shows that almost everybody who uses 48HourLogo is happy.

I’m now in the position where I’ve got something tangible. I knew what the business was going to be and I had a vague idea of what colours and style I wanted, but now I have a logo that wasn’t expensive and it’s inspiration to create an entire company around it!

48hourslogo have built a very nice logo design portfolio, if you want to see, my newest logo is featured in the technology logo design section.

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