Megaupload Close, Rental grossing film

A study shows interesting facts behind the closure of Megaupload some time ago. Closing the file sharing site apparently affect the best-selling movie rental.

A few months after Megaupload closed January, online films revenue as seen in study Carnegie Mellon’s Initiative for Digital Entertainment Analytics rise between 6-10 percent. It’s certainly very encouraging for the Motion Picture Association of America.

As is known, the Movie Picture Association of America is one of the entities hostile to Megaupload. Site owned by Kim Dotcom is accused responsible for the circulation of movie files through services.

Reported by Cnet, Saturday (08/03/2013), in his study, Carnegie surveyed two major film studios in the United States (U.S.), and based on benchmarking in 12 countries, including the U.S., of course.

“We conclude that the closure of MegaUpload and Megavideo cause some consumers to shift from ‘cyberlocker’ pirated movies for purchase or rent through the official digital channels,” explains study published in the Wall Street Journal.

As you know, Megaupload is closed because it contains a lot of content deemed illegal. It is the fruit of the demands of the industry who feel aggrieved by the existence of the file sharing sites.

But Kim Dotcom as the founder of the site do not give up. This billionaire revive the site. Using the name of Mega, a new file sharing site claimed more cleverly avoided ‘raids’.

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