Microsoft Office Mobile on iOS version for free?

Microsoft Office for iOSUsers iOS-based tablet or smartphone has been waiting for a long time the official application of Microsoft Office is present in the App Store. Latest news user wishes to work with the software, it seems to be realized.

The latest rumor was rolled out by The Verge reveal pieces of the image on the plan to bring Microsoft Office Mobile on your iOS device immediately. Interestingly, this application will be provided free of charge or free.

In contrast to the application ‘Office’ third party preexisting, Office Mobile is reportedly going to have only basic features such as viewing files based Doc, Excel and PowerPoint. Well, if you want to have the editing features, Microsoft is offering Office 365 in the App Store as a paid application.

But according to the source that Microsoft will not promise whether Office 365 will have the ability to complete the Office on the desktop. So that was quoted on Thursday (08/12/2012).

This screenshot of the speech emphasized Microsoft Product Manager in the Czech Republic which revealed that the Office for the iPad and iPhone will be available in mid-2013, precisely in March next year.

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