Night Time Images Show Long Distances On Outdoor Security Camera

cctv camThe night time images show up to 50 feet. Many cameras will claim a certain distance or number of feet. I have found that these claims are usually pretty much off. For example, a CCTV camera that claims to show you up to 120 feet may technically show up to 120 feet. However, after a certain distance, the image starts to rapidly deteriorate in quality. Lorex has taken a different approach. Instead of claiming a maximum distance, they actually give a realistic one. So there 50 feet claim is not only accurate, it may even understate their abilities. I LOVE a company that over delivers on their promises!

Even though I have not heard about Lorex before doing this particular research, it seems like a solid business to use. I would imagine that their customer support is also quite good. However, I have not had the opportunity to test this theory.

An anti-glare mode is also provided with this security camera. This allows for high performance, even under direct and bright sunlight. Ultimately, you can likely place this camera almost anywhere and expect it to perform well.

One of the few things I did not like about this cctv camera is the fact that it is a wired model. However, this is primarily a personal issue with me. It may not be applicable to your situation. One of my personal reasons for wanting a security camera as well as a whole security system is because I see potential serious problems in our society coming very soon. I believe that there may be riots and even potential chaos. Part of these problems could include the loss of power, maybe even for a significant amount of time. If power goes down, a wired security system does you no good.

I would much rather explore other options. Choose a wireless system, or even choose something with a combination of both. One option that I have also considered is the use of a generator as a backup, or even several generators as a backup. The only problem with this is that generators have small gas tanks, and it will not be much fun having to go outside every few hours to fill your machine with gas. That is also assuming that you would be able to find gas at affordable prices at that point. Another solution is to have a generator connected right into your home power system. This is something I have looked into a little bit; it still suffers from most of the same flaws.

Maybe I am a bit crazy, but this is just me.

I suppose that ultimately the option which you choose comes down to your own personal criteria and goals. Maybe you are fine with having a security camera system. Maybe you would prefer a wireless system (like me). In the end it probably does not matter. This Lorax camera is one of the better ones that I have seen.

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