One Killed, Nose Politicians Hanura In-X-rays

Viva News
Viva News

Entourage boarded a bus member House of Representatives Commission II had an accident in Delangu, Klaten, Central Java. Bus group led by Vice Chairman of Commission II Ganjar Pranowo crashed into a tree after trying to avoid a collision with a motorist.

The latest information obtained from Yusa VIVAnews, Secretary of Commission II Team who visited, motorcyclists died on the spot.

According Yusa, the team is in traveling to Klaten from Wonogiri (formerly VIVAnews preach the opposite). In Delangu, before reaching the town of Klaten, a bus containing 20 passengers in which nine of them members of Parliament were passed by a truck.

“Suddenly from the back of the truck appeared a motorcycle. The bus driver then slammed the steering wheel to the left, out of the road and hit a tree. The bus was badly damaged,” Yusa said.

While motorists who have not known that his identity was also trying to dodge the blow of the bus but instead crashed into a truck. Crashing his motorcycle. According Yusa, the driver was dead, although Ganjar Pranowo who contacted VIVAnews previously said it still survived.

While the passenger buses are all in fine condition except Akbar Faizal. Hanura politicians who sat near the door slam, his nose on the end of the bus door. Blood spurted from the nose of former journalists.

Akbar and his colleagues brought to the hospital Klaten. Nose Akbar then in X-rays by doctors. When called, Yusa said, the bleeding had stopped but Akbar was still weak and if you speak a bit nasal. That’s why mobile phones Akbar held Yusa.

The members of this House of Representatives recently from Wonogiri, Central Java, to monitor the implementation of regional elections. Should this afternoon they met the Regent of Klaten to also ask for a report about the implementation of elections in counties bordering Yogyakarta Special Region

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