Not until a month, Instagram Android Downloaded 10 Million Times

Instagram Regardless of the attitude of the pros and cons of Instagram presence in Android, photo sharing applications continue to reap a phenomenal record in Google’s proprietary platform.

Most recently, Instagram for Android is incised number of downloaders to 10 million times in less than a month or exactly 22 days since Google released the first time to Play. This complements the stunning results of the application you just bought up the price of USD 1 billion. Previously, less than a day Instagram successfully downloaded 1 million times, even in a week could reach 5 million downloads. This information is quoted from Phone Arena, Sunday (04/29/2012).

Of course that number is not a measure of active users in the Android Instagram. Especially not a little disappointed with this application. Instagram application itself was released in October 2010 and managed to attract the attention of photo enthusiasts with the filters and the ease of sharing that he has to offer. Facebook promises, even though he already has Instagram, but they will still make it as a stand-alone photo applications.

Until now, Instagram already has 40 million members. It comes a week after application in Android, the numbers are up 10 million from 30 million just in the IOS only.

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Free Disconnect Judge Charlie ‘iPad’


Hope Charlie ‘iPad’ Sianipar to obtain an acquittal was granted. The judge granted the seller is free to cut 14 prosecutors indicted iPad no manual book it was. “Passing, legitimately prove that the defendant Chrlie M Sianipar not proven guilty,” said Chairman of the judges, Yonisman, at the South Jakarta District Court, Jl Ampera, Wednesday (03/14/2012).

According Yonisman, Charlie should be acquitted of all charges and restored his good name. Court costs are also borne by the state. Previously, the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) demanded Charlie ‘iPad’ Sianipar imprisonment for 6 months and a fine of Rp 5 million subsidiary two months in prison.

Prosecutor Charlie judge guilty of a criminal offense to trade in the form of telecommunications device Apple iPad brands that do not fit the technical requirements in article 32 paragraph 1 and article 52 in conjunction with Article 32 paragraph (1) Law No 36 of 1999 on Telecommunications.

Gadget Shopping in Cyberspace Rapid Increase

Gadget Shop 2012
Gadget Shop 2012

If the first people usually buy gadgets at the shopping mall or electronics store, but now the era has changed. Many people are beginning to prefer shopping in cyberspace gadgets. At least according to Prime Space Abbi, President Director of PT Satusolusi Intermedia Utama, the owner of the company buying and selling websites online

“Direct selling to our online transactions rose 170%, while the walk-in to the counter gadgets in malls and electronics stores tend to be flat (stagnant),” said Abbi in Jakarta, Friday (11/11/2011). Based on his observations, online transactions in Indonesia continued to show positive trends. On the other hand, the market demand for the latest gadgets at affordable prices also continued to increase.

“We try to take advantage of these opportunities by presenting a special portal for online buying and selling gadgets,” he said. Continue reading “Gadget Shopping in Cyberspace Rapid Increase”

Android Tripped Patents

Google Android
Google Android

Software used by Google to develop Android deemed to violate some copyrights. As a result, the Internet giant that also must pay a fine of $ 5 million.

The lawsuit filed by Bedrock Computer Technologies, a software developer who also demanded that Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, PayPal, and AOL on a similar case.

The plaintiffs accuse Google has just copied the Linux kernel algorithms in Android. But this is just the beginning, the company is reportedly going to sue anyone who is proven using the same kernel.

Quoted from dailytech, Saturday (23/04/2011), to avoid further charges Google plans to remodel some of the kernel used in Android.

“Litigation of this patent, such as changing the highways into toll roads, and forcing companies to spend millions of dollars for patent claims are still questionable,” Google’s remorse.