Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Radeon HD 7790 Boost Challenge

Not long after AMD launched its latest graphics processor, the Radeon HD 7790, to fill in mainstream classes, Nvidia did not remain silent and be ready menggeber rival product via GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost.

Naming Boost on the back of the mainstream series leads directly diusungnya clock speed, which of course has got a touch of ‘turbo’ from Nvidia. GTX 650 Ti GPU Boost Boost rumored features.

With these features, the GTX 650 Ti Boost actually has a clock speed of 980 MHz can be dynamically increase the clock speed of 1033 MHz it becomes appropriate. GTX 650 Ti addition Boost has 768 CUDA cores armed, 64 TMU, 24 ROP.

While the sector is supported by the use of GDDR5 memory running on a 192-bit interface that comes with a capacity of 1 GB and 2 GB respectively by Nvidia priced at USD 149 (USD 1.4 million) and USD 169 (USD 1.6 million) . Similarly, as quoted from Techpowerup, Wednesday (27/03/2013).

BlackBerry 9320 for sale IDR 2.6 Million in Indonesia

Blackberry Curve 9320Research in Motion (RIM) officially launched the BlackBerry Curve 9320 in Indonesia. Successor of the BlackBerry 9300 is sold in the price range of $ 2.599 million from the official partner of PT. Teletama Artha Mandiri, PT. Media and cellular Infotama PT. Comtech Cellular.

“Curve 9320 is designed easy to use user who wants to be connected with social media and we hope to be well received by users,” said Hastings Singh, Managing Director of South Asia at Research In Motion.

Just as the new BlackBerry 9220 is also marketed RIM Curve 9320 has a dedicated key fuel. Also included a built-in FM radio and battery with a duration of seven hours talk or 30 hours to listen to FM radio or play music with headphones.

As usual, the handset is equipped with a full qwerty keyboard and screen of 2.44 inch. Other specifications include 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, FM Radio, 512MB RAM, 3G connectivity, GPS, Wi Fi and BlackBerry OS 7.1. Continue reading “BlackBerry 9320 for sale IDR 2.6 Million in Indonesia”

Compared to the Xbox 360, PS3 users playing games more often

XBoxA survey conducted by Strategy Analytics ConsumerMetrix show that the owner of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console to play them more often than owners of Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Indeed, in late 2011 Xbox 360 had earlier scored a fantastic sales with the acquisition of 8.2 million unit rate. Superior to the PS3 which sold 6.5 million and 5.6 million Nintendo Wii.

Even so, the number of consoles sold is not necessarily proportional to the intensity of the gamer to play it. A survey initiated by the Strategy Analytics ConsumerMetrix, market watchers from Boston institution, prove it.

As many as 44% of total PS3 owners claim their consoles to play regularly every week, while Xbox 360 users only 40% and only 30% of Nintendo Wii.

“Last year the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3, but Strategy Analytics research shows that the PS3 is slightly more popular among gamers than the Xbox 360,” Jia Wu, Director of Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service, Tuesday (01/05/2012).

Sony Ready to Release Personal Characteristically 3D Products

Sony hmz
Sony hmz

Japanese technology company, Sony, continues to develop innovative products three dimensions or 3D. When other technology companies busy developing 3D experiences on television screens, Sony actually issued a 3D device HMZ-T1, which takes the concept of 3D glasses.

However, unlike the usual 3D glasses that use filters, embedded in the HMZ-T1 Emmiting Organic Light Diode (OLED). So far, OLED is used in a number of display devices, both televisions, monitors, also on the smartphone screen.

Sony said, HMZ-T1 is a product designed for the visual experience more personal. Thus, not only 3D visual entertainment can be enjoyed on the big screen, but also when you want to relax and be alone.

HMZ-T1 using advanced processors to produce high-definition sound and images. Sony plans to release this product in Japan, 11 September. The price is quite affordable, which is 6000 Yen, or approximately USD 6.6 million.