Attacks on Twitter Can Make Gadgets ‘Coma’

Trend Micro threat affecting sniff the Twitter users in Japan. This attack is called the ‘browser Crasher’ and can cause the browser in the gadget users ‘comma’ alias hangs / crashes.

The way it works, users are invited to visit certain sites with JavaScript code and during which the user can not browse the site to be accessed normally

The attack was carried out by the user is lured to a variety of messages via Twitter. The message dikicaukan vary, some say the site is attractive, while others explicitly warns users not to click on the site.

“However the problem, once users visit / see the site, they will find the emergence of a variety of JavaScript in the browser as seen on the iPhone (gambar-red.),” said Trend Micro, in a statement on Wednesday (27/03/2013 ).

Greet Valentine, Galaxy Note II So Pinky

Galaxy Note II is one handset Samsung champ today. Valentine’s Day, Note II was presented with new colors namely pink pink alias.

Galaxy Note II wana originally present in white and gray. Then last month added the color amber brown and ruby wine.

In addition to changing the color pink, the specifications are the same. Like the Super AMOLED HD screen technology, quad-core processor and a stylus S Pen.

For the time being, UnwiredView reported on Thursday (06/01/2013), Galaxy Note II, the color pink will be available in Taiwan. Did not rule out also in other countries.

Continuing the successful Galaxy Note II which sold 5 million units in 2 months of marketing, Samsung is preparing Note III. Reportedly, Note III will have a 6.3-inch landscape display.

New Google Maps Show 3D Map Format

Google MapsApple is rumored to be rid of Google Maps on the latest operating system IOS 6. Thus, there will be no artificial Google maps on mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and the iPad.Google stifling. To prevent the negative impact of the news, Google also held a media event in San Francisco, yesterday, and show new features Google Maps.

A number of improvements were shown Google at the Google Maps which have been eager to digital mapping. The result, Google Maps shows a 3D view of Google Earth. In addition to the 3D format, Google Maps also remain menampilakan map in the format “street view” that had been used.The mapping is performed by a subsidiary of Google, Google Imagery. The division is doing a number of process automation to produce detailed models of aerial photographs with a slope of 45 degrees.Google was even asked permission to take pictures using the mapping plane. Continue reading “New Google Maps Show 3D Map Format”

Is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

Blackberry Virus
Blackberry Virus

“Oh, apparently hit BlackBerryku virus. Her memory could not be detected,” said a BlackBerry user. Such complaints often heard it. However, what really is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

So far it seems there is no virus that infects the OS that play on the device made ??by Research In Motion (RIM) that. That there is a virus that attacks the media card (external memory) on the Blackberry.

How does the virus work? At the time of the Blackberry is connected to the computer using a USB cable, then when the virus can get into the media card for Blackberry converted to USB storage. Continue reading “Is there a virus on your BlackBerry?”