Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless Camera Reviews.

For the photography enthusiast, might have waited for the latest cameras from Samsung, Samsung NX1000. This camera has been released by Samsung some time ago. This camera is priced fairly cheap, but has very many features. we are sure you will not be disappointed when buying this camera. one of the features that are embedded in this camera is 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, high shutter speed to capture images and fast auto focusing. with such a feature, it’s very pretty to get an image with professional quality, right?

Other than that, this camera is also equipped with 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 ED Lens (White) & flash, the camera is just more interesting. if we are still not satisfied with the standard features that are given, we can also add other accessories such as additional lenses, flash, and so forth. surely you as a photographer certainly understand about this.

Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless Camera is priced at around $ 349, with enough features and quality, the price would not be a problem. following the display of the Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless Camera:

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The Best Simple Photo Editor Ever!

There is good news for those of you who like to modify the photo without complicated, without a lot of the steps that must be done if you just want to add effects to photos, and available in a variety of platforms such as Windows, iPhone, Mac, and even for android, and another excess , free. when we first open the application on windows operating system has been shown that the application is very easy to use, all visible from the interface presented, very sleek, and very easy to operate, even for a beginner though.

img1Effects that can be used is also quite a lot, and on every effect we can make modifications, so that it can be used in accordance with the will, without the cumbersome and confusing process. Classic Photo Effects, lomo, vintage, B & W and many more effects that can be used. We are sure, you’ll love this app. If we compare this fotor application with another application, of course we will pick fotor applications, a lot of advantages, and is not shared by other applications. Especially in terms of ease of use, and a variety of other features that do not exist in other image processing applications. is a lot of other image processing applications, but in terms of ease of use, is not as easy as fotor applications.

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‘Sexy’ Not Making Fujitsu Smartphone Market Glance

Fujitsu is not only known as a provider of infrastructure vendors, but also through a number of consumer products such as laptops and smartphones. Even so, they claimed to be reluctant to plunge further in the smart phone industry.

Currently Fujitsu is already proving its existence in the smartphone industry through the ranks of the Arrow series, Android based smart phones are only sold in Japan and Germany. The two countries at the center of global governance Fujitsu.

Some phones Fujitsu also has unique characteristics, one of which claimed about most friendly interface. Even the parents did not feel any difficulty while memakainnya.

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Electronic Arts CEO resigns from office

Electronic Arts (EA) arguably one of the publishers and game makers are quite successful today. But while it’s exciting, CEO of the company from the United States that just resigned.

John Riccitiello is just a letter of resignation to the board of directors as the CEO of EA.

As quoted from Business Insider, Tuesday (03/19/2013), Riccitiello EA is not new. He had joined the giant producers since October 1997 as President & COO.

In 2004, Riccitiello decided to turn away from EA, then in 2007 he returned to the office of a relatively classy as CEO.

Now, not only the letter of resignation Riccitiello until kejajaran directors, he is also rumored to have sent a farewell email to his officers at EA.

“We will be looking for candidates, either from the internal or external to fill the position as CEO,” Larry Probst, Chairman EA.