7 Computer Virus legendary in the 20th Century

Virus20th century was a time when computer viruses began to boom because it managed to cause serious damage, even to make a material loss. Unpreparedness of the device makes millions of users download the virus without knowing it.

Indeed, as time went on, the best way to keep your computer by installing antivirus is easy to find and easy to use.

Hackers use a variety of ways to penetrate the university system from around the world, NASA, and the government armed forces. Well, here are seven legendary computer virus that had attacked in the 20th century, quoted from various sources, on Monday (5/14/2012).

Improve computer security by Cloud Computing Security

in an office or large enterprise, the smooth computer system and data security is a very important thing, because if the computer system of harassment, then the job will be very disturbed. company will greatly disadvantaged if their computer system is compromised, many things that will be disadvantaged. so, they must make changes to computer system security and data security, from conventional systems to modern systems. now, with increasingly sophisticated programming system virus, many viruses popping up, and they are very dangerous for the existing computer system. many antivirus can no longer handle this. many of the antivirus still using the old security system, and already many are eaten by the virus, making them less with the virus in circulation. thus, easily the virus can damage a computer system and threaten the security of data, all data can be damaged, and can even disappear. Continue reading “Improve computer security by Cloud Computing Security”

Membasmi Virus Pendekar Blank ( Lokal )

Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan mencoba membahas virus Pendekar Blank, sebuah virus local yang mempunyai misi untuk

· Memberantas virus-virus local yang beredar di Indonesia
· Mencoba mengamankan komputer anda dari serangan virus-virus local
· Mencoba untuk menghalangi anda untuk melakukan sesuatu yang tidak perlu dilakukan pada komputer anda

Semua misi virus ini dapat anda lihat pada File (Read Me)Pendekar Blank.txt yang terletak pada drive C:\ pada komputer yang telah terinfeksi virus ini. Kurang lebih screen shoot file (Read Me)Pendekar Blank.txt seperti terlihat pada gambar berikut

Gambar file (Read Me)Pendekar Blank.txt
Continue reading “Membasmi Virus Pendekar Blank ( Lokal )”

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