Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Released April 2013?

samsung galaxy s4This is not the first time we heard that Samsung is preparing the successor to the Galaxy S III. This time, the issue that blows mention that the South Korean vendor will release the Samsung Galaxy S IV in April 2013.

Slashgear, Monday (03/12/2012) SamMobile reported citing reports that the device dubbed the ‘Project A’ will be released in April next year with a 5-inch screen berdisplay 1080p, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 13 megapixel camera.

The same source also added that Samsung plans to release a cheaper version of the Galaxy Note II in Europe with specifications such as cut from the original version without the stylus and minus AMOLED display.

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Windows 8 will be circulated in October

Windows 8
Windows 8

The puzzle about the arrival of Windows 8 starts slightly ajar. On Microsoft reveals source close to the release schedule of the operating system this Thursday. The information was obtained from the sources mentioned, Windows 8 is planned to be completed this summer, and go on sale sometime in October.

But unlike a lot of rumors circulating. These sources say, Windows 8 will run on Intel chips and ARM architectures. Thus in the quotation from The Next Web, Tuesday (03/20/2012). The informant also mentioned, only five ARM devices that will be ready, compared with about 40 devices based on Windows 8 that will run on Intel. Microsoft said it would prepare for the culminating event in April. The software giant is indeed a great hope in Windows 8. A number of radical changes, especially in the user interfaces presented in this OS. Moreover Window 8 which can also be maximized for the tablet, was present to challenge the other OS, like Android. There has been no official comment from Microsoft related to leaked reports from unnamed sources who are.

Asus wants to be the First Use Android 5.0

Android 5
Android 5

Android 5.0 operating system will reportedly be named Jelly Bean. Asus as one of the major vendors are hoping to use Android, those who will use the first Android Jelly Bean.

Asus prides itself as the first vendor to use Android in tablet Honeycomb Prime Transformer. Therefore, they are also optimistic quota of Jelly Bean Google to run first on their devices than other vendors.

“Asus is very close to Google, so that when they have Android 5.0 I think there is a high likelihood that we will be the first wave of the offering update Jelly Bean,” said Benson Lin, ASUS ‘corporate vice president is quoted from TechRadar on Sunday (4 / 3/2012). Continue reading “Asus wants to be the First Use Android 5.0”

Samsung Galaxy S II Ready to Release Shelf

Samsung Galaxy II
Samsung Galaxy II

Samsung Galaxy S II indicated the processor performance will be improved, to 1.2 GHz dual core. Initially this change otherwise make S II delayed the launch of Galaxy, but Samsung confirmed release schedule has not changed.

A number of sources, including Samsung’s official Facebook page the region Estonia, confirm the upgrade the processor in the Galaxy S II of the original plan which ‘only’ 1 GHz dual core. While the source of leading media, GSMArena, also expressed the truth of the news.

Reportedly, the improvement of this processor that takes Galaxy S II will not be launched before June. But Samsung clarify that Gingerbread Android-based phone is still marketed as scheduled, which started this April.

“Samsung S II Galaxy will blast the first time in April, as planned. This handset will gradually approached each local market according to the scheduled launch,”it is written in SamsungTomorrow Twitter account, quoted from eWEEK, Friday (04/08/2011) .