Microsoft Make Money from Android

Microsoft has just reported last financial condition. One interesting thing is, a vendor founded by Bill Gates is interesting enough money earned from the use of the Android operating system.

Yes, Microsoft does not use Android. But Microsoft has an agreement with several Android vendors to pay patent licensing. Microsoft patents there are used in the Android OS, although not mentioned in detail.

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Steve Ballmer Not Want to Resign from Microsoft

Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted Microsoft is excited to be the skipper. He also showed his spirit when dicecar reporters who wanted her voice around backwards.

“You Say, if I’ve run out of energy and confidence. Or we (Microsoft-red.) not to change who we should be doing,” Ballmer said during the event to media workers Seattle Rotary Club.

The point, here’s pelontos headed man would like to confirm if he was still eager to continue to compete in the realm of the IT world, although there are those who criticize.

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Facebook founder Richer Than Google’s Founders

The more luck blanketed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Last news even mention if the former Harvard student is now richer than the two Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Rapid personal wealth soared youth pembesut most popular social networking site that one of them is predicted thanks to the new investment coming into Facebook.

Earlier this week, a company called GSV Capital Corp. purchased 225 thousand shares of Facebook at a price per share average is USD 29.28. This increases the value of Facebook shares to be in the range of USD 70 billion.

Quoted by the Times of India on Friday (07/01/2011), this new investment, according to Time magazine also increase the coffers of Zuckerberg’s wealth to $ 18 billion. After the early years, ‘just’ touching USD 13.5 billion figure.

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Yahoo! Messenger with Mac Style.

Yahoo! Messenger with Mac Style, dari judulnya saja pasti rekan – rekan sudah faham apa maksudnya 😉 hehehe. Ini gara – gara temen yang kemaren minta tolong install modem flash di MacBook miliknya. Benar – benar tergiur dengan Performance dan Appereance milik Mac OS X Snow Leopard 😉 Benar – benar kagum ku dibuatnya 😉

Karna ndak punya biaya untuk membeli seperangkat mesin MacBook, apalagi MacBook Pro, akhirnya meski pake sistem operasi punya bill gates ini, memaksa sebagian tampilan software ke model Mac 😉 Salah satunya adalah aplikasi Yahoo! Messenger.

Setelah mencoba membuka kamus ( ), akhirnya menemukan situs yang menyediakan style Mac untuk Yahoo! messenger. Kecil sekali filenya, cuma 500an KB. Setelah Download Yahoo! Messenger with Mac Style, langsung install, dan hasilnya bisa dilihat di screenshoot yang aku buat ini :

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