Lost your phone? Dont worry, Search Use Android Device Manager!

android device managerLosing a smartphone is an unpleasant experience. But relax, because now your device can be found through the Android Device Manager  app.

Services similar to the ‘Find my iPhone’ in the iOS is officially released by Google and will be available in the near future. Same function, locate or track down a lost Android device.

GPS-based, in addition to track, this application also serves to secure the data in a way to remove it from a distance.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Sunday (08/04/2013), this application is also useful for users who often forget to put the cell phone. Because quite pressed only ‘Ring’, then the phone will ring.

“This service will be available at the end of the month and will run on Android operating system 2.2 and above,” wrote Benjamin Poeiesz Android Product Manager, in its official blog.

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SEO Reseller
SEO Reseller

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An easy way to unlock iphone 4S correctly and safely

Unlock iPhone 4S
Unlock iPhone 4S

As we know, that some time ago, the world’s largest gadget company, apple, their latest product release, the iPhone 4S. gadget of this one was already awaited by people around the world since the iphone 4 was issued years ago. in certain countries, Apple collaborated with telecom operators, to sell their products by giving together and provides special discounts for people who buy Apple products with a service package of telecom operators with a fairly cheap price. but the thing is, that Apple products can not be used in addition to using the services of the telecom operators. so, to move on to other telecom operators, we have to do is Unlock Apple products. Continue reading “An easy way to unlock iphone 4S correctly and safely”

Firefox 7 Promised Over ‘Light’

Firefox 7
Firefox 7

Mozilla started distributing the latest Firefox update, Firefox 7. Promise, this version is lighter in terms of memory consumption. As quoted from the official Mozilla blog on Wednesday (28/09/2011), Mozilla promises some improvements to the newest version of the popular browser Firefox.

One of them is done through a project called MemShrink that is believed to reduce Firefox memory consumption of 20 to 50 percent. If true, this would speed up the browser’s performance and reduce the possibility of crashes.

Besides the memory consumption problem, version 7 is promised to be faster when it starts (startup time). Peningkatnya called quite significantly, from 8 seconds to go down to 5 seconds. Of course depends on the system used a user.

Other things that were promised, including support for HTML5 content. Including, support for using aid acceleration from the graphics card when running on the HTML5 Canvas.

Then, there is support for navigation timing specification from the W3C. This allows developers to measure the loading time of websites on the usage scenario is different.

While from the side view, one of the highlights is the removal of “http://” at the time of displaying the web address. It previously had done the Google Chrome.