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Getting Cheapest VPS for your business


as a blogger, is certainly no stranger to the domain and webhosting. because both these media we will certainly need in doing blogging, or in building a website. I was there in the world of blogging since 4 years ago, so it’s been a lot of experience in this domain and webhosting. for 4 years I’ve often berpindang webhosting, webhosting service from one to another webhosting service provider. Why so, since every web hosting provider has its own advantages and disadvantages on some things. so I have to look for until I actually found the service providers a powerful web hosting services for sites that I have, because if not, there will always be problems that I experienced, such as bandwidth overload, overload cpu process, hacking, sql injections, and the problems another that makes me always dizzy. Continue reading “Getting Cheapest VPS for your business”

Google will ‘Remove’ Picasa and Blogger

Google Blogger Picasa
Google Blogger Picasa

Two popular service owned by Google, Picasa and Blogger will soon disappear. Not that Google remove them, but because the Internet giant wants to ‘throw’ the name of the product to be renamed.

Picasa and Blogger that have been renamed, will remain a key component of Google’s family of products. Such information is quoted from PC World, on Wednesday (07/06/2011).

Rebranding Picasa and Blogger is reportedly part of Google’s new strategy in introducing Google +, where several products that do not use Google’s name was retired and replaced with names that include Google’s behalf.

According to Mashable reports, six weeks away, the image editing service and the popular blogging platform will be renamed Google Photos and Google Blogs. But Google itself would not comment when questioned about this rebranding plan. Continue reading “Google will ‘Remove’ Picasa and Blogger”

Google Chrome For Linux

Google Chrome Linux
Google Chrome Linux

Google Chrome For Linux memang sebuah aplikasi browser yang handal, terbukti penulis sudah menggunakan browser ini selama berbulan – bulan lamanya untuk kepentingan blogging. Awalnya memang penulis menginstall aplikasi Google Chrome ini di sistem operasi Windows sejak versi pertamanya keluar ( saat itu masih versi beta ), namun, setelah sistem operasi Windows yang terinstall di komputer menulis seringkali bermasalah, akhirnya sistem operasi default kembali ke Ubuntu ( kembali ke mantan lama hehe ).

Sebenarnya, browser Google Chrome versi linux tidak jauh berbeda dengan yang ada di windows, namun menurut penulis, yang versi linux lebih stabil. Hampir tidak pernah terjadi masalah saat browsing. Berbeda dengan yang versi windows, penulis sering mendapatkan bahasa mesin /  bahasa html campuran saat logout Yahoo! mail, atau beberapa website yang lain. Dan itu tentunya sangat mengganggu aktifitas penulis sebagai blogger.

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