Tips to Avoid Scam Moving in Our Email

With the increase of Internet users in Indonesia, phishers seem to be more active ‘work’. Here are some tips to avoid adalam Scam circulating in our email. For information, electronic news Scam is fraudulent, so the sender will receive benefits and certain benefits. Sample scam that we often encounter is a chain letter and the announcement of the lottery.

Based on Symantec’s description, here are things you should do and not do when we accept foreign email.

What should be done:
– Unsubscribe from legitimate mailing lists if you do not want to receive messages again from the mailing list. When signing up to receive email, check out additional items whatever you want at the same time. Do not select the items you do not want. Continue reading “Tips to Avoid Scam Moving in Our Email”

Google Chrome OS Reportedly Released This Week

Google Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS

The arrival of the operating system (OS) Chrome OS warm again discussed. Although the CEO of Google CEO Eric Schmidt has confirmed new Chrome will be available early 2011, the latest news surfaced, fueling speculation that the Google OS will be launched officially this weekend.

Google is rumored to be menghelat an event on Tuesday next week in San Francisco. Due to the event invitation on behalf of the Google Chrome team, then the rumors about the launch of OS Chrome was instantly filled.

Mentioned in the invitation, the event will take place at 10 am San Francisco time right on December 7, 2010. However, Google’s representative questioned, declined comment. Continue reading “Google Chrome OS Reportedly Released This Week”

Google Chrome Got Crash

Barusan nyoba googling pake Google Chrome, setelah ketemu halaman yang aku inginkan aku ingin “Save Page As”, lalu dapet pesen salam kenal (error) dari browser Google Chrome ini, kurang lebih pesen errornya seperti tampak pada gambar di atas.

Setelah Restart Browser, aku buat Save Page As lagi sudah normal, nggak tau yang pertama kenapa kok error, apa emang di buat pengenalan error 😉 he he, maap om google, just kidding 😉

Mencicipi Google Chrome ;)

Google mengeluarkan browser terbaru “Google Chrome”, tadi pagi taunya, langsung download + install, dan langsung di coba, enak sih, tampilan juga ndak terlalu ribet, langsing, flat style, warna khas google 😉

Google Chrome adalah browser yang diciptakan dengan desain yang sangat minimal, tapi dengan kemampuan yang sangat memuaskan, sehingga bisa melakukan explorasi web secara cepat, aman dan mudah. Google Chrome masih dalam status BETA, artinya masih dalam masa uji coba.

Buat temen – temen yang mau mencoba silahkan download Google Chrome disini.