Canon EOS 6D Revealed

What makes the EOS 6D specials, one of which is light weight, only 680 grams, the category of full frame camera. But the charm does not just stop in terms of weight alone.

In a presentation made Canon officials some time ago at his headquarters, Canon convey 3 key a high-quality photos, the lens, image sensor and image processing.

Well, for this 6D series, combines Canon full frame CMOS sensor with 20.2 MP Digic 5 + processors – equal to that of the 5D Mark III – which is claimed to produce high resolution images even when shooting low light use though.

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Nokia 41 MP Probably Able to Record Video 4K

Nokia 808 Pureview
Nokia 808 Pureview

41 MP resolution carried by the Nokia 808 PureView still hotly discussed. Now the conversation is getting crowded with the ‘prophecy’ which is raised by a technology blogger named James Burland.┬áSaid to him that the 41 MP sensor, it was likely this device will be capable of capturing video in 4K resolution (4096 x 1714 pixels in the ratio 2.39:1). ‘Might be possible’ so lontarnya as reported by Engadget, Saturday (03/14/2012).

Even so, Burland while recognizing that there are many issues that must be corrected before the super high resolution achieved by the handset 808.

If it turns out to be proven, then it will certainly be good news for the professional video enthusiasts. Yes, because with 4K resolution, he was able to create a video with the quality of ‘Hollywood’.

Such resolution has so far only able to produce high-end video cameras. Call it Red One, Epic, Scarlet-X, or a digital SLR camera Canon EOS-1D C which has just been announced.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Officially Released

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Already a few years since Canon released the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is very popular among professional photographers, photography lovers now spoiled by the presence of the following cameras.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III the previous rumor desusnya been widely heard, is now officially released this Japanese vendor. As expected, the specifications of these cameras has increased from the 5D Mark II, plus it also adopts the key features of the monster camera Canon EOS-1D X.

Instead of replacing the series ‘older brother’, Canon’s new cameras this price membanderol more on it. Quoted detikINET of ZDNet, Saturday (02/03/2012), he released the figures USD 3.499 for body only.

Mark III is supported by the processor Digic 5 + and full frame CMOS sensor 22.3 MP. Same as the EOS-1DX, he has a 61 point autofocus system. Continue reading “Canon EOS 5D Mark III Officially Released”

Canon EOS 1100D dan G11 Masih Jadi Incaran

Canon EOS 1100D
Canon EOS 1100D

Kamera Canon EOS 1100D ternyata masih menjadi incaran konsumen di kategori DSLR. Kamera ini merupakan penerus dari EOS 1000D yang diperuntukkan bagi pengguna DSLR pemula.

Hal itu disampaikan Merrry Harun selaku Director DataScript, distributor resmi Canon di Indonesia di Ancol, Sabtu (1/10/2011). “EOS 1100D masih jadi favorit. Apalagi bagi mereka yang baru beralih ke kamera DSLR dan memiliki budget rendah namun tetap menginginkan spesifikasi mumpuni,” ujarnya di sela Canon PhotoMarathon 2011.

Ditambahkannya lagi, Canon hingga kini masih menjadi pemain unggulan di kelas DSLR dengan pencapaian market share di atas 50%.

Akan tetapi ketika berbicara mengenai kelas compact, Canon mengakui bahwa persaingan di kelas ini sungguh ketat. Kondisi ini mengingat sekarang banyak bermunculan pemain baru yang turut meramaikan pasar compact, tidak seperti DSLR yang brandnya tidak terlalu banyak. Continue reading “Canon EOS 1100D dan G11 Masih Jadi Incaran”

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