Office Mobile for iOS and Android Release 2013?

Microsoft Office 2013 MobileAlthough heavily rumored, Microsoft is still silent in the existence of Office Mobile. But the latest report says that the product is really ready to pitch next year.

The Verge claims, they got this news from a number of sources with knowledge of the plan.

And not just for the iPad and iPhone only, the application will also reportedly visited Android devices, such as quoted TheVerge, Thursday (08/11/2012). Continue reading “Office Mobile for iOS and Android Release 2013?”

Microsoft Prevent Linux on Windows 8

Microsoft is doing a lot of big changes in Windows 8. One was the ability to ‘block’ use of the two operating systems, like Linux.

Yes, these capabilities are embedded in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), which is a platform that connects the hardware with the operating system.

Well, to be able to run Windows 8, Microsoft is giving reference to the chip manufacturer about the UEFI specification to be used. One of them by not allowing users to use other operating systems that are not in accordance with these standards.

This will certainly complicate, but not impossible, to use Linux on a computer that is already installed Windows 8. Especially on some chips, UEFI will be locked so it can not be modified by the user.

Problem new UEFI standard is still being deliberated by Microsoft, and according to Computer World obtained leaked, there are some systems that can disable the feature.

Message from Wii U Make Confused Nintendo

Nitendo Wii U
Nitendo Wii U

Nintendo has announced its new console, Nintendo Wii U in the Champions Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011. Media and fans are most warmly welcome this announcement.

U Wii console can attract hard core gamers with its High Definition capabilities. On the other hand, touch screen controllers can be applied to a variety of casual games, according to the first generation Wii market.

Given this, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also wonder why investors do not welcome the announcement. Nintendo shares fell nearly 10 percent reported within 2 days after U Wii was announced.

“Frankly, the reaction to the presentation that day and what I hear from the people and also the atmosphere that appears on the show (E3-red) not the same as what happened in the market saha,. It’s very strange,” said Iwata who quoted by Reuters on Friday (10/06/2011). Continue reading “Message from Wii U Make Confused Nintendo”