iPad 2 & iPad Mini 5 Coming Mid-2013

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Mini iPad second generation expected to be released in the second half of 2013. This launch coincided with the introduction of the iPad reportedly 5.

Rumors are rife in China, sourced from one of the manufacturers component suppliers for Apple gadgets. Reported by one of the local media, Apple is now asking suppliers for ‘speeding’ set of components iPad 2 and iPad Mini 5, to be released in the third quarter of 2013.

Thus, as reported by Macotakara, Tuesday (19/03/2013), citing an unnamed source, the selected month in the period between July, August and September.

Another source reported by Cnet mentions, iPad Mini with Retina Display will have a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This resolution is the same as the iPad measures 9.7 inch Retina Display. Continue reading “iPad 2 & iPad Mini 5 Coming Mid-2013”

Hacker Ask Ransom Rp446 million to Symantec


Symantec reportedly ready to pay money of U.S. $ 50 thousand in the hacker to prevent the hacker released code Norton PC Anywhere and Norton Antivirus. Previously, Yama Tough, an individual hacker who claims to be a member of the group Anonymous, in a tweet of his claim will be releasing the source code of Norton Antivirus.

“We’ll pay you, but we need assurance that you will not be releasing the code after we make a payment,” said Sam Thomas, a spokesman for Symantec in an email to the hacker, quoted from Cnet, 8 February 2012.

In his email, Thomas said, it will pay U.S. $ 2500 or Rp22 million per month in the first three months. The payment itself will be conducted starting next week.

Mid-January, Symantec did admit that in 2006 there are breaches of action happening on their networks and theft of program code. The breakthrough was made by a third party and the stolen code is program code Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Internet Security, SystemWorks, and PC Anywhere.

Although the hackers managed to steal the code, Symantec says that the majority of their customers are not in danger. Largest manufacturer of security devices that have been instructed on the user to temporarily turn off their software to Symantec issued an update to the software in question.

Get rid of the Netbook, Dell Slim Laptop for Focus

Dell Laptops
Dell Laptops

Dell seems no longer interested in selling netbooks. Class 10-inch laptop category is replaced by Dell’s focus on super-thin laptops deliver performance more real, one thing has not claimed the Dell netbook.

“We used to sell the Dell Mini series. Now we focus on solutions to bring thin and powerful device that we believe has been some success, particularly in the XPS line that we have,” said Matthew Hutchison, director of Dell’s Global Consumer.

Hutchison added as dikutipdari Cnet, Friday (16/12/2011), Dell’s focus in the realm of mobile consumer products today are on a thin laptop. Continue reading “Get rid of the Netbook, Dell Slim Laptop for Focus”

Tips to Avoid Buying Fake IPhone 4S

Iphone 4sThe launch of the iPhone 4S trigger counterfeit sales at online shops. Not much different physical inversely with the price is priced much cheaper. Of course the price is skewed there are many things sacrificed including specifications, quality and durability of the goods. So to avoid being stuck purchasing counterfeit goods, the following tips that can be done as quoted from Cnet, on Friday (07/10/2011).

1. Get to know the price. If the price is priced too low, the articles are questionable. So, when resellers offering high discounts.

2. Pay attention to the specifics. Physical Meski counterfeit resemble the original, but often it has different specifications. Whether he adds new features or even reduce the features that should exist in the original goods.

3. Returns policy. Resellers who have trusted returns policy for consumer satisfaction. Beware if the number of resellers do not offer it.

4. Warranty. All companies offer a warranty that covers smartphone products, accessories and software. Counterfeit resellers do not offer something similar.

5. Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many resellers who use the media to promote social accounts. There is no harm in checking their accounts and comments provided consumers in those accounts. Find out about how long they have that account to measure reputation.