China Still ‘King’ Spam

The most active countries sending spam is still held by China. Although the percentages were little changed, down 1.2% China, the United States fell 0.9% and South Korea fell by 3%.

Of Kaspersky Lab notes, the majority of email spam remains small with under 1 Kb file. In the second quarter, email spam small rose 4.8% and in total accounted for 73.8% of all spam emails.

Number of malicious attachments in the second quarter, down 1% from the first quarter to 2.3% of all spam emails.

Among the threats that spread through email, the most dominant is the email that is designed to steal user accounts to access the data (eg username and password), especially username and password for online banking services.

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HTC Vivid Unlock made easy.


Some time ago, there are some friends who asked me, how do HTC Vivid Unlock, because they can not replace the sim card belongs to them. as we know, some smart phone vendors are locking on some brands do their smartphones. this they do to protect their cooperation with the telecom service providers in different countries. like HTC smartphone devices, they also perform some type of locking them out smartphones already on the market. indeed there are some devices that do not unlock, but very limited. devices like htc htc htc titan and also vivid in the lock, so that troublesome user to replace the sim card they want. can not freely change the sim card at will. Continue reading “HTC Vivid Unlock made easy.”

McAfee WaveSecure ‘shield’ in the iPhone Important Data

McAfee WaveSecure
McAfee WaveSecure

The issue of losing important data if the device is lost no longer belong to PC users because now the same issue is now also faced by mobile users. For this reason the antivirus software vendor McAfee launch the following applications.

Named McAfee WaveSecure, it will help iPhone owners who lost his cell phone to protect data stored in it to back up important data to other devices. Thus, important data can remain secure.

Back up the data in question include contacts, photos and video. Tracking the location of the iPhone itself is done through the online portal McAfee WaveSecure. Continue reading “McAfee WaveSecure ‘shield’ in the iPhone Important Data”

Utilizing the facebook fan page as the most powerful media campaign

As an internet marketer, we would already know that Facebook is a social media are very influential, and very important for promotion. whether it is the promotion of goods or for services promo media. facebook strength is not in doubt. so now a lot of products or services to be promoted through social media the biggest in the world. almost in various countries, Facebook is still a favorite site, and the more days, more and more new members listed.

One way to use facebook as a media campaign is to use a fan page is provided by facebook. more and more fans in the fan page, it can be sure that what is on the page, a favorite of many people. this can be exploited to conduct promotions, and can assure visitors that what is on the page is a favorite, and much recommended. Continue reading “Utilizing the facebook fan page as the most powerful media campaign”