Here’s the Real Birds in Angry Birds

Real Birds of Angry Birds
Real Birds of Angry Birds

At first glance, the photo above showing a bird that is very similar to the character in the popular game, Angry Birds. Is it a bird is really there in the wild?

Apparently not. Although very similar, the image is digital engineering of an Angry Birds lovers of Indian origin, Mohamed Raoof.

“I think a real bird in Angry Birds, it did not. So I decided to make it fast on the PC. The first image is only made in about an hour,” Raoof said, quoted from dailymail, Friday (11/11/2011).

Custom-made digital images Apparently Raoof favored by his friend. This motivated him to make drawings of other characters Angry Birds. According to him, making each image takes about 2 hours because work on more serious.

“I tried to reflect the shape and color of the bird, from the red to the green. I thought I could catch their character,” he added.

Indeed Raoof custom picture looks genuine and in accordance with the figures in the Angry Birds.

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