Director of Yahoo! Resigns


Yahoo Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors., Roy Bostock, and three other directors decided to resign from their positions. The development comes as Yahoo started overhaul of management and corporate strategy – including the negotiations on the proposed sale of shares of Yahoo in Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan.

According to news agency Reuters, Bostock expressed their resignation in writing to the shareholders of Yahoo on Tuesday U.S. time. Bostock along with three other directors, namely Vyomesh Joshi, Gary Wilson, and Arthur Kern, also make sure there will no longer participate in the election of new board of directors at the annual meeting of shareholders.

In response to these developments, Yahoo has appointed Alfred Amoroso and Maynard Webb as an independent director. Amoroso is a former Chairman of the Corporate Executive Rovi Corp. and Webb had become Chairman of the Corporate Operational eBay.

Being one of the pioneers of business information services on the Internet, Yahoo is experiencing pressure from investors to regain its footing. In recent years, Yahoo’s revenue and business performance continued to decline, so a couple of times they replace the CEO.

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6 Giants Master Technology Most Valuable Brand in the World

Giant Master 2012
Giant Master 2012

Rows of the names in the world of technology dominate the top 10 most valuable brands in the world. Besides IBM and Google, there are Apple had just climbed the rankings.

Apple is at number 8 of the top 100 Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2011, became a leader in the mobile market when compared to other brand phones.

Nokia for example is in the order 14, then there is the Samsung at number 17 and BlackBerry are occupying positions 56. HTC itself even in a ‘chair’ back ie in the order of 98.

Back to the top 10, IBM is in the order of the world’s second most valuable brand, overshadowing the first position held by the brand Coca-Cola soft drinks, as quoted by Bloomberg, on Tuesday (17/01/2012).

Microsoft later still survive in the same position as last year which is at number 3, on top of Google. Lapse of two brands (GE, and McDonald’s), there is Intel at number 7, then close the top 10 are Hewlett Packard (HP). Continue reading “6 Giants Master Technology Most Valuable Brand in the World”

Ampoule & encyclopedia topics

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Apa itu Paypal (Definisi Paypal)

PayPal adalah salah satu alat pembayaran (Payment procesors) menggunakan internet yang terbanyak digunakan didunia dan teraman. Pengguna internet dapat membeli barang di ebay, lisensi software original, keanggotaan situs, urusan bisnis, mengirim dan menerima donasi/sumbangan, mengirim uang ke pengguna PayPal lain di seluruh dunia dan banyak fungsi lainnya dengan mudah dan otomatis menggunakan internet, PayPal mengatasi kekurangan dalam pengiriman uang tradisional seperti Cek atau Money order yang prosesnya dapat memakan waktu PayPal seperti rekening bank, pertama anda membuat account, lalu mengisi account tersebut dengan dana dari kartu kredit atau transferan dana dari account paypal orang lain ke balance paypal anda, dan anda sudah dapat menggunakan account PayPal untuk bertransaksi

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Februari 2008 PayPal sudah menerima 190 negara dan 16 mata uang, pengguna PayPal Indonesia masih harus menggunakan hitungan US dollar karena rupiah belum ada di PayPal

Ebay adalah tempat lelang/jual-beli/pasar-online terbesar didunia, dengan pengguna lebih dari 200 juta orang di seluruh dunia (data juni 2006), anda dapat mencari dan membeli apapun, mulai dari barang elektronik, kendaraan, hingga barang-barang langka dari seluruh pengguna ebay didunia, cara pembayaran utama di Ebay adalah dengan PayPal karena lebih aman dan otomatis, meskipun ada penjual yang menerima pembayaran dengan cara lain.

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