Samsung Tizen Delayed Until November

Although reportedly delayed the development of Tizen OS, Samsung is still determined to release a Tizen based smartphone. Several times the estimated launch delayed, says Samsung Tizen the latest information will be released before the end of the year. Samsung has yet to officially confirm the time of the launch of the smartphone OS’s homemade. However, the leaked report which looks at the page about the project Samsung Tizen outstanding, almost close to the truth.

In the report page, there is one comment that the name of telecom operators, namely NTT DoCoMo. Japanese operator is believed to have entered the SGH-N055 which is the code of the phone Tizen, in the plan. In the comment section that addresses a number of bugs, one user called the SGH-N055 DoCoMo version, does not have a bug that is being discussed. That is, this phone has been tested by a third party.

But of course, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Wednesday (08/14/2013), this certainty will only be known at the launch later. Predict the number of gadget enthusiasts, Samsung’s developer conference will be used to introduce these new products.

The current launch is most likely selected Samsung is November or December. So far, there is no detailed information about the Tizen smartphone. Both specifications and appearance of the phone such can not be known.

Samsung developed with Intel’s Tizen. Based on Linux, the Linux Foundation’s Tizen promoted as an alternative to the Android platform. Tizen itself is a development of the MeeGo platform first developed by Nokia together with Intel and LiMo.

CyanogenMod 10.2 Android 4.3 based Glide

Android 4.3 is promising a number of interesting features. So of course, natural that many Android enthusiasts gush hope CyanogenMod custom ROM based on Android latest version. CyanogenMod is a custom ROM known as the most anticipated pembesut finally responded to the challenge to ensure the presence of CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightly.

Based on Android 4.3, the latest custom ROM believed would offer various advantages offered by Android 4.3, but certainly with some typical optimization CyanogenMod.  Unfortunately still a custom ROM that this build is still limited to a few devices the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S Relay 4G, and the Galaxy S Captivate.

But like ROM CyanogenMod previous versions, gradually all Android devices that have been supported by CyanogenMod will also be able to taste it. Continue reading “CyanogenMod 10.2 Android 4.3 based Glide”

Laris, Nexus 7 ‘Vanish’ in Play Store

Google Nexus 7Tablet Google Nexus 7 16 GB disappeared from the online store Play Store last week. The disappearance of the tablet for $ 250 is due to hard sell order.

Google does not mention the obvious reason for the disappearance of these tablets. But sources close to Google said it underestimated demand for the Internet giant’s Nexus 7 16 GB version. In fact, at Nexus 7 16 GB stockist and other retailers sold out, while the demand for the 8GB version is still relatively low.

Quoted from The Guardian, Tuesday (24/07/2012), Google is currently suspended sales of Nexus 7 16 GB version in the Play Store in the United States (U.S.) and the UK.

Bookings made within the period until the end of last week, Google promises will be fulfilled. However, due to lack of stock, Nexus 7 16GB should be absent in the first sale.

Messages posted on the Google Play Store request enthusiasts Nexus 7 16GB registered email alerts to know when the tablet is now available again so that they can be directly ordered.