Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Released April 2013?

samsung galaxy s4This is not the first time we heard that Samsung is preparing the successor to the Galaxy S III. This time, the issue that blows mention that the South Korean vendor will release the Samsung Galaxy S IV in April 2013.

Slashgear, Monday (03/12/2012) SamMobile reported citing reports that the device dubbed the ‘Project A’ will be released in April next year with a 5-inch screen berdisplay 1080p, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 13 megapixel camera.

The same source also added that Samsung plans to release a cheaper version of the Galaxy Note II in Europe with specifications such as cut from the original version without the stylus and minus AMOLED display.

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Logitech releases Multi-Touch Trackpad

Logitech launches wireless computer accessories called Touchpad. As the name implies, it is a multi-touch trackpad that uses wireless technology. This tool displays the surface area of ​​5 inches (12.7 cm). To run it, users are welcome to perform a sweep: a finger to move the cursor, 2 fingers for scrolling, 3 finger for browsing photos and fourth finger to switch between applications.

Wireless Touchpad also has two large button below the scrolling area that serves as a right click and left click. He connected with a desktop / laptop via a USB dongle and 2.4GHz wireless technology and can run for a new operating system Windows 7.

“Logitech Wireless Touchpad is perfect for those who want to surf the internet in a way that’s fun,” he said Rory Dooley, Logitech senior vice president.

Quoted from DailyTech, Wednesday (14/09/2011), devices that are similar to the output of Apple Trackpad Magic will be marketed in the U.S. and Europe at a price of USD 49.99

LG Ultra Optimus Sol Rely AMOLED Screen

LG Optimus Sol
LG Optimus Sol

LG announced the presence of new Android smartphone. Named LG Optimus Sol, the handset is planned to be marketed first in Europe in mid September 2011.

Judging from the specs, it seems tantamount to a variety of Android phones that have been marketed. For example, 1 GHz processor, 512Mb RAM, and a 5MP camera with auto focus.

‘ll Enjoy the advantages that try Ultra AMOLED screen technology. With this technology, screen size 3.8 inch in Optimus Sol claimed easily seen in outdoor situations, even though the hot sun.

Quoted from Thenextweb, Monday (08/22/2011), LG Optimus Sol also include smartphones with a slimmer body. Thickness is only 9.9 mm.

Optimus Sol will be available in various colors, including black and white. The price has not been announced by South Korean vendors.

Waiting Google+ for Businesses

Google+ Project
Google+ Project

Google project Mega Plus (G +), but intended for individual users and the public, is planned to be used by businesspeople. While the G + features for business not exist, there are some creative ways for businesses to take advantage of G +.

On one occasion, Christian Oestlien, Google Plus Product Manager, said that although Google’s main focus now is to optimize the user experience, but they also have several teams with the best developers who are developing a business version of Google +.

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