Office Mobile for iOS and Android Release 2013?

Microsoft Office 2013 MobileAlthough heavily rumored, Microsoft is still silent in the existence of Office Mobile. But the latest report says that the product is really ready to pitch next year.

The Verge claims, they got this news from a number of sources with knowledge of the plan.

And not just for the iPad and iPhone only, the application will also reportedly visited Android devices, such as quoted TheVerge, Thursday (08/11/2012). Continue reading “Office Mobile for iOS and Android Release 2013?”

5 Smartphone which activists Spoil Photos

SmartphonesAbility of the camera feature on cell phones continue to be improved. Manual control, the speed, the lens until the resolution the better of course more pictures activists indulge in the act.

Do not forget also the existence of dozens of applications that accommodate the user’s desire to enhance your photos and display direct shot on your favorite sites.

Understanding the ‘Danger’ SOPA Through Video Animation


Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), aka the draft Anti-Piracy Law Online in the United States is becoming a byword. Still difficult to understand how this law works then? Consider this animated video. In general, SOPA will allow the U.S. government and corporate copyright holders to block sites that are considered in violation, piracy or counterfeiting of intellectual property.

For example, if there are websites that have been accused of illegal content that violates copyright (including songs, pictures, video clips, etc.), then the site can be blocked by ISPs in the U.S., was posted from a search engine, and even intercepted to run online business with providers of payment services like PayPal.

Inevitably a number of Internet giants like Google, WordPress, WikiPedia, until Twitter against the existence of rules that are still in the stage of the legislation. Continue reading “Understanding the ‘Danger’ SOPA Through Video Animation”

iPhone 4S For Sale Without Cameras

iPhone 4s Review
iPhone 4s Review

Powerful 8MP camera owned the iPhone 4S is one reason people are willing to reach into koceknya for this one device. But not in Singapore. In lion country, the existence of these cameras even eliminated. Why? Indeed, the omission is not done for all devices iPhone 4S sold there, but only a number of tools that are targeting the military personnel.

Prohibition of carrying camera phones in the military camp is the reason. Reportedly, there are three operators in Singapore are already planning to eliminate camera in the iPhone 4S, in which one of them is M1.

On its website, they sell the iPhone without a camera 4S 64GB with prices over $ 900 for 2 year contract. God knows what reason, the ads that offer a product that has now been revoked.

Higher price than the price of the iPhone 4S ‘normal’ alias with a camera, reportedly because the operator extra cost to fix the device modification (removal of the camera).

Presumably a number of steps taken by the operator associated with the request of the Ministry of Defence of Singapore to ban the use of camera phones for those who served in the army. Continue reading “iPhone 4S For Sale Without Cameras”