Bing Now Integrated into Pinterest

Microsoft Bing in order to continue to develop more interesting and more social, by immersing new features. Now, the search engine is integrated with social networking photo sharing Pinterest.

With this collaboration, image search on Bing, will feature a ‘Pin to Pinterest’. As a result, users can instantly share with mengklil Pinterest account to the feature.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Sunday (14/4/013), by clicking the ‘Pin to Pinterest “, users connect to a Pinterest account. Image search results that are immediately pin is in their Pinterest board. Continue reading “Bing Now Integrated into Pinterest”

Yahoo! Simplify Share Content to Facebook

Yahoo! Share Content
Yahoo! Share Content

Yahoo began to expand its integration with the Social Bar Home Social or Yahoo, the Yahoo content linking to social networking. With the expansion of this integration, users can connect to Yahoo and make up their Facebook friends as social in property editor Yahoo (Yahoo content, such as Yahoo News).

Features that have emerged since the end of last year has now expanded to emphasize the sharing of content that is not only done by the social editor Yahoo. Readers can also contribute to the editor to share content.

“This is a place for those who have Facebook can share content from across Yahoo properties,” said Alexandre Linares, Senior Product Manager of Yahoo in a teleconference from California, Wednesday, February 1, 2012.

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