180 PBI Members Password Has been Stolen

Password owned by its member organizations become partners FBI United States (U.S.) stolen hackers. Worse, the password was also leaked on the internet.

Known there are about 180 employee’s password acyl InfraGard is stolen. InfraGrad is a partner of the U.S. intelligence agencies whose function FBI to share information about the existence of physical threats against the United States as well as infrastructure.

“Someone attacked our website. At present we do not know how the attack could occur or the methods used to reveal the password,” said the Atlanta InfraGard Members Alliance President, Paul Farley, quoted from Fox News on Monday (06/06/2011).

Not only compromised, the password hacker then posted on the internet with the name Lulz Security. They also expressed appreciation for a series of cyber attacks that occurred in recent weeks.

World’s Largest Stock Exchange burglarized Hacker

Nasdaq electronic stock market with the largest volume in the world, so casualties unknown parties. The blow is final on the U.S. stock market.

As quoted by Reuters on Monday (07/02/2011), manager of Nasdaq stock market recognizes the ‘suspicious activity’ on their servers in the U.S..

However, it has not found evidence that the perpetrators of accessing or stealing customer information from the parent company of Nasdaq and Nasdaq manager. Continue reading “World’s Largest Stock Exchange burglarized Hacker”